Top 10 reasons to love Google |

Top 10 reasons to love Google


Are you a Google user? If not, you should be. Google ( is an innovative and fun website that can help you find just about whatever you are looking for, and then some.Google searches more than eight billion web pages each day.While you’re probably familiar with Google as a search tool, you may not be aware of some of its other uses. To help expand your “googling,” we’ve come up with our top 10 reasons to love Google. 10. Google Images. This feature helps you find pictures and images of whatever you can think of. No really, whatever you can think of. Need a picture of Oscar the Grouch? You’ve got it!

9. Google News. It may not be The New York Times, but Google News is updated regularly and contains news stories from thousands of sources. 8. Google Groups. This latest Google feature allows you to join or start your own group on any topic. Use it to stay in touch with friends or to share your passions with the world. It’s a great new addition to the Google family.7. Google Suggest. This is a feature that’s just been added, letting you give your two-cents worth to the company.6. Google Froogle. No it’s not a tongue twister, it’s a great way to buy online. Froogle allows you to find the prices and places to buy virtually anything. Give it a try. We haven’t been able to stump it yet.5. Google Labs. This is a great user-friendly function that lets you judge some of the latest ideas from Google. Google Labs has produced Google News, Google Glossary and Google Groups. Weigh in on the latest!

4. Google Languages. The site offers a feature where you can translate anything into any language from Pig Latin and Elmer Fudd to Mandarin Chinese and French. Give the Elmer Fudd function a try.3. Constant updating. The folks at Google are working around the clock to constantly add new sites, so if you didn’t find what you were looking for yesterday, try it again today or tomorrow.2. Ease of use. It’s easy; really, really easy. If for some crazy reason you have not tried it yet, get on it! Once you try it you won’t be able to get enough.And the number one reason to love Google …

1. Because the founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, are just two normal guys even if they are worth an estimated $6 billion each.In the end you have to love a site that is not only practical but comes with a sense of humor. To see the full array of Google tools, visit, then click on “more” just above the search box. Share your tips with us at

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