Top 5 stories on for the week of Nov. 26 |

Top 5 stories on for the week of Nov. 26

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1. Summit County eyes banning short-term rentals in backcountry district

A proposed rewrite of county planning regulations that would ban short-term rentals and bed and breakfasts from operating in Summit County's Backcountry Zoning District left critics describing it as a "stripping" of property rights. The goal of having restrictive rules in the backcountry zone — as it's explicitly written into county code — is to retain "the relatively undeveloped character" of these places while allowing for some low-impact developments.

2. Frisco approves new gas station at troubled Interstate 70 intersection

The Frisco Town Council approved a new gas station at the troubled intersection of Summit Boulevard and Interstate 70, overriding a denial by the planning commission and two council members concerned about safety and congestion at the town's biggest transit choke point.

3. Biff America: When a friend has a coke problem, it's time to call the exterminator (column)

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A humourous column by Summit County celebrity Jeffrey Bergeron leads readers through his concern and planning to help a friend through an addiction.

4. Dillon Crossroads hotel proposal gets trimmed down to size, billed as a 'crown jewel' for town

After Dillon Town Coucil rejected a proposal for a six-story hotel at the entrance of the town, the developer came back with a new, reduced-in-size version of the design, with hopes that his "crown jewel" development will soon become a reality. The new pitch has shaved 32 feet of the total building to bring it in line with town code. The proposal drew compliments from residents and business owners, but some residents said they were still concerned with the size.

5. Swan Mountain Road closed in both directions after dump truck rollover

A dump truck ran off the side of Swan Mountain Road early Monday afternoon, prompting a complete road closure in both directions. A Colorado State Patrol spokesman said the truck didn't fall into the water and there were no serious injuries.

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“If they think that it will be easier to ease restrictions on poisoning people AFTER the mid-terms they are living in a dream world.” — Erik Hamilton, on “Denver Water says molybdenum pollution could cost up to $600 million to remove from drinking”

“Still a huge eyesore and not needed.” — Jacob Deneault, on “Dillon Crossroads hotel proposal gets trimmed down to size, billed as ‘crown jewel’ for town”

“Too bad anyone growing hemp doesn’t have any suppliers to sell it to. I know one Farmer in the Arkansas River Valley who is still sitting on a crop from 3 years ago.” — Ross Determan, on U.S. hemp production doubles in 2017, Colorado grows twice as much as anyone”

“The last thing we need is more people around the lake. Have you not seen the mess on the water and shores the last few summers?” — Jacob Deneault, on “‘The bigger fish are just going to get bigger’: Biologist, fisherman ponder future of Lake Dillon after state record Artic char”

“I can’t go outside without one falling on me” — Ian James McKenna, on “McEachern: Our public lands are being dronified”

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