Top 5 stories on week of April 15 |

Top 5 stories on week of April 15

Compiled by Heather Jarvis
The skier hits the jump before crashing into the crowds in the Red Bull Slopesoakers Pond Skimming competition Saturday, April 14, at Copper Mountain.
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“And watch your schools take a nose dive when they vote down every school referendum that comes up.” — Bill Engelman on “Colorado bill would allow out-of-state property owners to vote in special district elections”

“They already occupy houses that sit empty 90% of the time, taking away from local housing. Really bad idea.” — Kara Fanning on “Colorado bill would allow out-of-state property owners to vote in special district elections”

“This is affordable housing? What about the 90% of Summit County workers who can’t even afford this?” — Anne Wheeler on “Blue 52: Breckenridge now accepting applications for workforce housing”

“Let’s hope it hits early Friday afternoon and gets 70 shut down” — Jacob Deneault on “Summit County and the rest of the High Country may see up to 8 inches of snow later this week”

“I won’t believe it until I see it... LOL But I’m hoping!” — Cammie Freed on “Summit County and the rest of the High Country may see up to 8 inches of snow later this week”

“I’ll bet that car is torn to pieces...” — Celia Brocklesby on “Bear unharmed after locking himself in Boulder car”

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1. Copper Mountain Resort pond skim fiasco could lead to felony charges for man who tried to jump crowd

It was all fun and games until someone got hurt. The jubilant atmosphere at Copper Mountain Resort over closing weekend was put on hold for a few minutes after a pond skimmer launched himself off a jump and into the crowd. Authorities now say they expect to charge Hayden Wright, 26, with felony assault after his unsuccessful attempt to jump the crowd left a woman with a broken collar bone. The crash was a grim shock in the midst of an event known for its zaniness, featuring skiers and riders in absurd costumes trying to skim across a water pond — often unsuccessfully.

“It was not even close,” said Chris Logan, who was standing in the crowd and hit the deck as Wright flew toward him. “You’d have to be Red Gerard and not drinking to clear that.”

2. At Copper Mountain Resort’s closing weekend, slopesoakers explain what makes a great pond skimmer

Although one pond skimmer’s bad judgement put a damper on the day, plenty of other skiers and riders participated in Copper’s closing day festivities. A hundred daredevil pond skimmers signed up for the event, with four who displayed mad skills on the snow receiving free season passes for next winter. So what does it take to be a successful pond skimmer? To some, it’s about the costume. To others, it’s about showcasing silliness and humor. Yet to others, it’s about winning (and not hurting anyone).

“It’s been a long time coming,” said HCharlie Turchetta, his cotton Wonder Woman suit soaked-through. “A lot of training, but it all comes down to originality. Like, if everyone is hitting one side, I’m going to go for the other. I got to show the judges that I’m not a follower. I’m a leader. Try to be unique, try to show off my style of skiing to the judges and hopefully they took it well.”

3. Summit County and the rest of the High Country may see up to 8 inches of snow later this week

It’s been a lackluster winter, but spring is still spring in Summit County, with spurts of snow here and there reminding us that we do indeed live at 9,000 feet — and it’s not summer yet.

4. CAIC report: Victim yelled ‘we’re going for a ride’ as fatal Maroon Bowl avalanche broke

This story from the Aspen Times includes the final report from the Colorado Avalanche Information Center after Mountain Rescue Aspen member John Galvin was killed in Maroon Bowl on April 8. He and another skier triggered the fatal avalanche after they altered their plan while ascending Maroon Bowl and increased their exposure to hazard. “We’re going for a ride!” Galvin told his ski partner, according to a final accident report.

5. Summit County real estate sales slow down in March

After tracking mostly on pace through the first two months of the year, Summit County’s real estate sales hit a downturn in March, leading to a noticeable dip in the county’s first-quarter figures. Summit County saw a roughly 12 percent decline in both its number of real estate transactions and their combined value for the first three months of 2018 compared to the first quarter of 2017, according to Slifer Smith & Frampton’s most recent market report. However, that was coupled with a dramatic spike in the number of luxury houses coming on the market, with 42 new listings in March against 15 in February and 29 in March 2017.

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