Top 5 stories on week of April 22 |

Top 5 stories on week of April 22

Heather Jarvis
Patrick Crane skins up Breckenridge Ski Resort during Saturday's 27th annual Imperial Challenge 'pseduo triathlon' race. The annual race requires participants to either run or bike nearly seven miles to the base of Breckenridge Ski Resort before skinning uphill to the Imperial Express lift before descending via snowboard or downhill ski. Crane finished the race in two hours, 24 minutes and 32 seconds.
Cody Mendoza, Breckenridge Ski Resort | Special to The Daily

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“He’s a local, right? He doesn’t deserve to have a felony hanging over him, the shame and embarrassment around the county will be worse.” — Brent Bewick on “Summit County sheriff files assault charges against Copper Mountain Resort pond skimmer”

“E-Bikes at 25mph on hwy 9 is more dangerous than on the path.” — Randall J Mott, on “Are e-bikes the future or a scourge on Summit County’s recreation paths?”

“Kinda reminds me of when snowboarding started getting popular in the 80s. Everyone was against it, many resorts didn’t allow it. And now look how things have evolved.” — Robby Corujo on “Are e-bikes the future or a scourge on Summit County’s recreation paths?”

“The best thing we can offer our children is a solid education. And it takes the very unique individuals that teach to make this happen. Love and respect to you all.” — Pamela Smith on “Summit County teachers stage protest Tuesday, demand public education funding, benefit protection”

“If we are going to fund our schools and pay our teachers what they ought to be paid and deserve than we’ve got to repeal TABOR. Educators deserve so much more.”— Jacob Deneault on “Summit County schools to close Friday as teachers join thousands at protest in Denver”

“Education funding is so important and so is teacher pay. I have worked in education in Texas, where the funding is much greater as is teacher pay, and in Colorado. It is easy to see the differences in educational quality. The education of young people is more important today than ever. I support Colorado teachers who want to protest...and if they want to make an impact, they should do it on a school day.”— Linda Lumpkin Appelbaum on “Summit County schools to close Friday as teachers join thousands at protest in Denver”

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1. Taft Conlin skier death lawsuit against Vail Resorts will have its day in court

A wrongful death lawsuit brought by Taft Conlin’s parents against Vail Resorts is scheduled to come to trial Monday, June 11. Conlin was killed on Jan. 22, 2012, in an in-bounds avalanche on Prima Cornice on the frontside of Vail Mountain. Taft’s parents — Dr. Louise Ingalls and Dr. Steve Conlin — and their attorney, Jim Heckbert, claim Vail Resorts was negligent when the ski company failed to close both gates to the Prima Cornice run, and keep skiers out of what they claim was a dangerous area. Vail Resorts claims the run was closed and counters that Taft was “negligent,” and caused his own death.

2. As conditions ravage Imperial Challenge, Breckenridge’s Howdyshell wins, Campbell family shines

The Imperial Challenge took place on a windy, wet April day, with whiteout conditions at the top of Breckenridge Ski Resort’s Imperial Express. Five inches of heavy, wet snow blanketed Breckenridge that morning, turning the 6.2-mile dirt road route into a 6.2-mile slog through mud. Families and competitors didn’t let the challenges of the day dissuade them from competing, and avid ski mountaineer Joe Howdyshell still donned his infamous jorts for the affair. Howdyshell and Jill Sorensen were the top finishers in their divisions, and 10-year-old Breckenridge resident Victoria Campbell was the youngest participant in the race.

3. Dillon Amphitheatre’s million-dollar view now has the facility to match it

After a multi-million dollar upgrade, the new Dillon Amphitheatre will be ready to open in July with bigger bands and bigger crowds. First up is Colorado jam band String Cheese Incident on July 17 and 18, with tickets selling out for that event almost immediately. The new upgrades include a larger dance floor, new restrooms and a larger capacity with a couple hundred more seats for concertgoers, roughly 3,650 people in total. There will still be free shows and community events throughout the summer, and holiday concerts are also in the works.

4. Copper Mountain Resort pond skimmer charged with pair of misdemeanors, dodging possible felony

A 27-year-old Englewood man accused of trying to ski jump the crowd at Copper Mountain Resort’s closing day pond skim has been charged with a pair of misdemeanors, dodging a felony that law enforcement initially considered because the disastrous stunt broke a woman’s collarbone. Hayden Wright was charged with third-degree assault and reckless endangerment after the April 14 incident. District Attorney’s office investigators ultimately determined that Wright’s stunt was deeply misguided but not malicious, which is why they opted for the misdemeanor charges over felony.

“You need intent to cause a serious bodily injury for felony assault, and I don’t believe he intended to injure anyone — but he was reckless,” deputy DA Lisa Hunt said. “I think he was just trying to have the best jump.”

5. Brother’s keeper: How a quaint Keystone hotel turned into a hotbed of meth addicts, 911 calls and sibling rivalry

Since 2016, the Summit County sheriff’s deputies have been called to the Alpine Slopes Lodge in Keystone at least 180 times, easily making the hotel the biggest crime hot spot in all of unincorporated Summit County. There were allegations of illegal evictions, theft and other chaos, mostly stemming from methamphetamine. Von Utz, the on-and-off general manager of Alpine Slopes, wrestled with the problems while struggling with his own alcohol addiction. The biggest troublemakers were thrown out earlier this year, and Eric Utz, Von’s brother, who took over the hotel in 2012, said he is looking forward to getting it back on track.


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