Top 5 stories on, week of March 25 |

Top 5 stories on, week of March 25

Heather Jarvis
Paul Dee Garvin was sentenced to 16 years to life in prison on Wednesday for sexual assault. He was convicted at trial last November.
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Editor’s note: Social Call is compiled from comments on stories posted to the Summit Daily’s Facebook page.

“Short-term rentals don’t cause problems. It is the owners who rent and don’t provide adequate information and rules to the guests that are the problem. If you rent your property and clearly set rules regarding noise, smoking, parking, trash, occupancy limit and enforce them, you remain a good neighbor. The same applies to back-country properties. Anyone renting a property located in a remote area should provide information regarding open fire restriction or ban, 4x4 vehicle requirement, power outages etc... These responsible owners should retain full property rights which include the right to rent their property as they see fit.” — Joelle Miller, on “Summit County commissioners ban short-term rentals in the backcountry, citing safety concerns”

“Better ban all the 10th mountain division huts within summit as well then. With the number of user-nights those huts see, it would seem that there is plenty of data regarding short term backcountry rentals.” — Jordan Scheremeta, on “Summit County commissioners ban short-term rentals in the backcountry, citing safety concerns”

“So someone can’t open a hut because it is too dangerous, but all the other backcountry huts are just fine? County Commissioners are testing their ability to strip property rights from an “easy target” before they go whole hog.” — Aaron Parmet, on “Summit County commissioners ban short-term rentals in the backcountry, citing safety concerns”

“Trump is protecting American workers. Foreign companies with government subsidies are out competing us. This is a unfair trade arrangement. Big high fives for Trump.” — Michael Walsh, on “Trump’s tariffs could make those hiking boots, ski jackets and backpacks a lot pricier”

“My father in law fell and ended up being in this hospital for five days. Every single person we encountered that worked here was amazing. I can’t begin to tell you how much we appreciate how he was treated during his stay.” — Shannon Swanson, on “St. Anthony Summit Medical Center ranked a top hospital in the nation by IBM Watson Health”

“I’m very proud of “our” hospital! It was a long over due necessity for the quality if life in Summit. Congratulations! And thank you for being there for me when I needed experienced professionals the most.” — Peggy Long, on “St. Anthony Summit Medical Center ranked a top hospital in the nation by IBM Watson Health”

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1. Skier fatality at Breckenridge Ski Resort

A 72-year-old skier from Denver died after colliding with a tree at Breckenridge Ski Resort on Peak 9. He was wearing a helmet at the time of the incident.

2. Summit County man sentenced to 16 years to life for sexual assault

Summit County resident Paul Garvin was sentenced March 28 to 16 years to life after he was found guilty of class-two felony sexual assault, a category one step down from homicide. While Judge Karen Romeo called the sentence “extraordinary,” jurors had ruled at trial that Garvin was aided and abetted by others, a finding that eliminated the possibility of probation in lieu of jail. During Wednesday’s hearing, the woman told the court about the night of St. Patrick’s Day two years ago, when Garvin and three other men sexually assaulted her for hours while she was blackout drunk and barely conscious. (The co-defendants await trial and haven’t been found guilty). Garvin’s friends and family gathered at the sentencing hearing to plead on Garvin’s behalf, describing him as a family man, reliable friend and pillar of the community. Garvin won’t be eligible for parole until after 16 years, and whether or not he stays in prison after that will be up to the Department of Corrections.

3. Vail police find woman in dumpster with her wrists zip-tied, injured but alive

A 31-year-old Vail Valley woman was found in the early morning hours last week in a small dumpster in Vail, with her wrists zip-tied together. The woman was conscious and breathing when Vail Police officers arrived, however, she was unable to talk. Vail police are still investigating the incident.

4. Keystone bar bouncer faces charge of attempted sexual assault

A trial took place last week for Jacob Keller Bens, 27, who was accused of groping a woman without permission in her bed last August. He was charged with attempted sexual assault, a class-five felony, as well as misdemeanor unlawful sexual contact and a drug charge. The three-day trial ended with a not guilty verdict, although the former Keystone bar bouncer was convicted of a misdemeanor drug crime and sentenced to a year of probation.

5. High Country Crime: Cops stanch Aspen’s weekend cocaine flow

Last week’s High Country Crime roundup included a story from Aspen, where three separate arrests were made on the same day for felony possession of a controlled substance. One of the arrests involved a man who threw his wallet into a tray at Aspen airport security checkpoint, “with a rolled-up $20 bill coming out of it … and a small bag containing an unknown white, powdery substance.” Three other men were spotted by police in a stairwell in Aspen “holding a small, plastic baggy, emptying a white powdery substance onto a credit card.”

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