Top 5 stories on, week of Oct. 22 |

Top 5 stories on, week of Oct. 22

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1. "Some of you are going to be shocked," DA says of graphic evidence in Silverthorne sex assault trial

A sexual assault trial started last Monday for one of four men accused of having sex with a woman in Silverthorne last March while she was too impaired to give consent. The trial of 46-year-old Paul Garvin could be a bellwether for his three co-defendants, Justin Erwin, 41, Michael Gelber, 46, and Ramon Villa, 41, who are set to be tried separately next year.

2. Trial begins for first of four suspects in alleged Silverthorne sex assault

The first in a series of articles on the alleged Silverthorne sex assault. Paul Garvin's trial is scheduled for 10 days and is likely to turn upon the accuser's state of mind on the night of St. Patrick's Day in 2016, when she and the defendants were drinking at Murphy's Bar and Grill in Silverthorne.

3. Silverthorne sex assault accuser takes the stand a second time after twist in case

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On Day 3 of the sex assault trial, the accuser took the stand for the second day to testify. But before the woman's testimony, a new cloud emerged over the central question of her mental state on that night after the woman had told the district attorney that her decision-making might have been affected by the interaction of alcohol with the Prozac she was taking at the time.

The testimony, wrenching at times, left open some of the principal ambiguities in the trial. What has been made perfectly clear, however, is the scope of the woman's injuries.

4. 'Opt-out' votes look like slam dunks in Silverthorne, Dillon

Ballots went out to Summit County residents ahead of the Nov. 7 election, and on them are two provisions that would allow residents of Silverthorne and Dillon to opt-out of a state law preventing their towns from investing in local broadband services. The issue stems from a statute passed by the state Legislature in 2005 forbidding municipal and county governments from offering local broadband services, either directly or through partnerships with outside companies.

5. Discovery Channel's 'Gold Rush,' 'mining for ratings,' faces lawsuit from Park County neighbors

For the second week in a row, this story about a disgruntled group of Park County residents took a spot in the most-read stories list. The residents are disgruntled over the noise coming from the filming site of a Discovery Channel reality show on mining called "Gold Rush." Save South Park — a group of 30 — filed a lawsuit against the Board of County Commissioners of Park County, accusing it of "abusing its discretion" by granting a favorable rezoning for the miners against the recommendation of its own planning commission.

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“How could anything be worse than Obamacare? Remember this is all happening because Obamacare still in place. My premiums have gone up $100 dollars a month plus a $1000 in deductible addition.” — Mary Jo Scoville, on “Premiums rising 34 percent for most popular health plan”

“Telling people to “just stay home” will surely work. How about we tell the trucking companies to stay off the interstate during peak hours instead of letting their drivers continue to “race” each other side by side up the hills?” — Scott Hetherington, on “State’s winter tactics paying off to keep I-70 flowing during snowstorms”

“Good. Maybe if it hurts the checkbook a little bit more, people will be more respectful of the park.” — D James Potter, on “Gate fee at Rocky Mountain National Park could hit $70 next year to fund long-deferred park maintenance”

“Buy an annual pass…honestly $70 is what most people pay for a family to go out to dinner or the movies, it’s less than a day ski ticket or sporting event ticket…funding has been drastically cut over the years so a park fee increase is about to happen but my guess is this is a PR frenzy to bring awareness to the cuts and the fee will only increase to $40 or $50.” — Janette Jaynes, on “Gate fee at Rocky Mountain National Park could hit $70 next year to fund long-deferred park maintenance”

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