Top 5 stories on, week of Sept. 10 |

Top 5 stories on, week of Sept. 10

"Fall has arrived in Breck." — submitted by user @rmubreck

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“No thanks. Imagine how bad the crowds would be then. At least the traffic helps thin the herd a little. Forget about I70 and build an airport in Summit.” — Jacob Deneault, on “Travel 700 mph from Denver to Summit County? It’s now a possibility with Hyperloop One”

“I know 70 traffic sucks but a huge part of the draw of the mountains is the drive there. It’s a beauty that can’t be duplicated! We have explored so much over the years and have seen things we have previously missed on those drives! Hyperloop, as cool as it is, it takes way from the experience.” — Andrew Cullen, on “Travel 700 mph from Denver to Summit County? It’s now a possibility with Hyperloop One”

“Go Colorado. We all came from immigrants one way or another. Tearing families apart is wrong no matter how you look at it.” — Rei Uchiha, on “Colorado says it will join other states in suing to block the end of DACA”

“It may be an emotional argument but it just seems dumb to deport vetted, educated, English speaking people that have lived their whole lives in the US, have children and other relatives that are citizens and have (in some cases) served in the military.” — Bill Felsher, on “Liddick: Much ado about DACA — why borders still matter”

“How about a subsidy for locals that allows us to park in places we’ve been using for decades? Pay yourself with a locals parking card.” — Shane Cusack, on “Breckenridge Town Council takes look at 2018 budget”

“If CDOT would maintain the road out here properly and actually put in real passing lanes it wouldn’t be an issue. Yes some people speed, but even more don’t even go the speed limit, which is just as if not more, dangerous....” — Samantha Meister, on “A 10-mile stretch between Silverthorne and Kremmling is the deadliest on all of Highway 9”

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1. Missing Georgia girl Mayci Olschewske found safe in Idaho Springs

Mayci Olschewske, a 16-year-old girl missing from her home in Canton, Georgia, since Aug. 31, was found safe after a driver on Interstate 70 near Floyd Hill recognized her car from local news reports. Olschewske was found just days after Front Range news outlets reported that she was believed to be in the Denver area. Denver7 reported on Tuesday that Olschewske had a history of running away from home.

2. Travel 700 mph from Denver to Summit County? It’s now a possibility with Hyperloop One

It was announced last week that Colorado was named one of 10 finalists for the Hyperloop One competition to build a vacuum-sealed tunnel that will shoot pods between Cheyenne, Denver and Pueblo at up to 700 miles per hour. The competition now moves on to the next stage, and Colorado may have an advantage. The company liked Colorado’s proposal so much, it announced that it is partnering with the state’s Department of Transportation to work on a feasibility study to build the futuristic transportation system.

3. 100 pigs stranded on I-70 near Glenwood Springs after livestock truck rolls over, closing freeway

Westbound Interstate 70 was closed for nearly five hours last week just east of Glenwood Springs after a semi-truck carrying a load of pigs tipped over. The driver of the truck was taken to Valley View Hospital, 25 pigs perished and several more were hurt.

4. Driver charged with manslaughter hit teacher’s car at 104 mph during I-70 traffic stop; had lied about seizures

A driver was arrested on charges including manslaughter and second-degree assault after his pickup truck struck a Carbondale teacher’s car last month on Interstate 70 near Silt, killing the teacher and sending a state trooper flying into grass alongside the road. Jeffrey Burk, 31, of New Castle, was also charged with felony forgery for lying about a seizure disorder when he renewed his driver’s license. Garfield County authorities allege that Burk, who has a form of epilepsy, continued to drive after having an injury accident in Vail in May 2016 during which, he told police, he had a seizure. A little more than a year later, an affidavit says, he renewed his license online and checked a box denying that he had a seizure disorder “that would interfere with your ability to operate a motor vehicle safely.”

5. High Country Crime: Craig man cooks heroin in hardware store bathroom

An MJK Ace Hardware employee in Craig went into the men’s bathroom the morning of Aug. 29 to find a woman standing there while a man in one of the stalls cooked heroin. The 27-year-old man, Richard Durham, was arrested on charges of alleged possession of a schedule I/II drug and drug paraphernalia and possession of a schedule IV controlled substance. He was found with a hypodermic needle, the bottom portion of a beverage can with brown residues on it, a few other miscellaneous items and two packages of suboxone, a drug prescribed to individuals overcoming opiate addiction, according to the affidavit.

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