Top 5 stories on week of Sept. 2 |

Top 5 stories on week of Sept. 2

Compiled by Heather Jarvis
Aurum Food and Wine in Breckenridge.
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Editor’s note: Social Call is compiled from comments on stories posted to the Summit Daily’s Facebook page.

“How about starting with “Park & Ride” parking lots around Summit County so people can park their cars out of towns and ride public transit into towns thereby reducing vehicles in towns? Summit County is the only place that I have seen where we have public transportation but no “Park & Ride” lots where all other towns & cities do which is the other 1/2 of what public transportation is all about.” — Tom Clancy on “Colorado Association of Ski Towns releases report to spur transportation changes in resort communities”

“A living wage is the answer. (According to the report, the average Summit resident makes $733 a week (2016 statistic), more than $300 a week less than the average Coloradan.) But, face it, supply & demand. Garner (no relation) said it (While Summit appears to be a highly attractive living destination for people in their early 20s, relatively low wages in the area are driving out young professionals by the time they reach their late 20s.). Nuff said.” — David Garner on “Dillon begins community outreach for core revitalization”

“Breckenridge is slowly losing its small town resort identity that it has had for so long. When we visited this summer, I was shocked to see pay to park everywhere. I want the old Breck back!!” — Tricia Harris Hughes on “Over 17,000 parking citations issued in Breckenridge over 12-month span”

“Are any of you really complaining about the cost of metered parking? It’s a joke! Just pay the dumb thing.

If Breck would get it’s act together and build the parking garage that’s been discussed multiple times, agreed upon, disagreed upon, held up, etc....then they could take away those insulting and absurd parking meters all together.” — Vanessa Hester on “Over 17,000 parking citations issued in Breckenridge over 12-month span”

“build another bonze statue. it’s what you people do” — Chris Ruz on “Up 14 percent in June, Breckenridge’s taxable sales blow doors off June 2017”

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1. Skier accused of jumping into crowd at Copper pond-skim event pleads guilty to reckless endangerment

The skier accused of trying to jump the crowd at Copper Mountain’s Annual Slopesoakers pond-skimming event earlier this year pleaded guilty to reckless endangerment and no contest to a misdemeanor assault charge earlier this month. Hayden Patrick Wright, 27, was descending on a run in the early afternoon of April 14 when he flew off the pond-skim course and into the crowd, breaking a woman’s collarbone and injuring several others. In addition to upwards of $1,000 in court fees, Wright’s judgment also includes 120 hours of useful public service, 10 days in jail by the end of the year and prohibitions from alcohol and non-prescribed drugs.

2. Breckenridge building destroyed in Sunday morning fire

A structure fire destroyed a Breckenridge building last week, and investigators believe it was due to faulty electrical wiring. A man and his dog were staying inside the building at 13135 Highway 9 when the fire began at about 5 a.m. The man tried to put the blaze out with a fire extinguisher, but the fire had reached some wood unprotected by drywall and quickly spread throughout the rest of the building. No serious injuries were reported, and the man was able to get a dog out of the building to safety.

3. Aurum opens in Breckenridge intent on being the gold standard of restaurant experiences

A new high-end restaurant recently opened in Breckenridge, and the owner says they are working to go above and beyond the baseline requirements of what makes a good restaurant. On top of great food, friendly service and a nice atmosphere, the staff at Aurum Food & Wine in Breckenridge are striving to elevate the guest experience with kitchen tours, special orders and a “golden ticket” opportunity. Phillips Armstrong started Aurum Food & Wine in Steamboat Springs about five years ago, opening a second location last month in Breckenridge. So far, the restaurant has received a wealth of wonderful reviews on Google, Yelp and TripAdvisor, earning perfect scores from almost everyone who’s rated the restaurant since its opening.

4. Summit Daily letters: Boycott the Breckenridge Backstage Theater

After it was announced that artistic director Christopher Willard would be resigning from his position at Breckenridge Backstage Theatre, a letter written by Mark and Annie McKinnon of Blue River denounced the theater.

“We were so lucky to have him and the hugely talented former executive director Erin Gigliello. But then they expressed their artistic freedom in a mildly satirical skit which was not only appropriate but a responsibility. I know. I was there. Mocking our presidents is expected,” the letter stated. “The Breckenridge Backstage board, and more specifically its chairwoman, folded like a cheap suit.”

“Needless to say, we will find other deserving nonprofits to donate to in the future and we will satisfy our theater cravings by going down the road to Silverthorne/Dillon. Please join us in boycotting Breckenridge Backstage Theater.”

5. Letters: Breckenridge theater’s loss a community tragedy

In another letter to the editor about the turmoil at the Backstage Theatre, Chris & Shari Dorton of Silverthorne commend the theater for high-quality performances before moving on to say the resignation of Chris Willard “leaves us with great sadness.”

“Backstage Theatre probably faces the greatest challenge in its 31 year history. It will require commitment from all of us who love it to survive this traumatic year. From two loyal supporters we wish Chris and the Theatre, Godspeed.”

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