Top 5 tips when eating marijuana edibles (sponsored) |

Top 5 tips when eating marijuana edibles (sponsored)

by Jessica Smith, brought to you by Organix

As recreational marijuana becomes more mainstream, so do the various methods of imbibing and enjoying it. For those who aren’t interested in ingesting smoke or vapors into their lungs, edibles offer an alternative.

We chatted with Tyler Austill, a budtender at Organix in Breckenridge, for his tips on getting the best experience with edibles.

21+ only

For starters: Smoking marijuana may now be legal in Colorado, but only for those 21 years of age or older. When purchasing from a dispensary, remember to bring your government-issued identification and also keep in mind that you are only allowed to possess one ounce of marijuana at any time.

1. Take it slow

By their very nature, edibles aren’t absorbed in the same way as a joint or vapor pen cartridge. Entering the body through your stomach means that it takes a bit longer to start feeling the effects.

“Just take it slow,” said Austill. “It’s very comparable to taking shots, so if you’re not used to it, it can really catch up to you if you take too many.”

2. Pay attention to the dosage

Again, eating edibles is not like smoking, therefore having done one doesn’t mean you’ll be more adept at the other, Austill said. He recommends starting out at a 10-milligram dosage for edibles, though there are 5-mg options available as well, for the more cautious. Generally one dose is equivalent to about one gummy bear, one cookie or one square of chocolate, he added.

3. Look at the label

Employees at marijuana dispensaries are always good sources for questions, but any product you buy there will also come with a label, and it never hurts to take a look. They’ll not only say what dosage they are, but what ingredients are involved. While many edibles have THC — the ingredient that gets you high — others may carry varying levels of CBD. CBD is cannabidiol, and represents the medical side of the drug.

“It’s a really strong anti-inflammatory,” Austill said of CBD. “It can be something good for people who don’t want to get super high off the edible.” Basically, he added, “you can tailor your edible to you.”

4. Keep a full stomach and hydrate

“You want to have some food in your stomach,” Austill said. “If that’s the only thing in your stomach, it’s like drinking on an empty stomach. It’s not going to absorb well.”

He also recommended drinking plenty of water, which is generally a good idea in the mountains anyway, whether or not you’re eating edibles.

5. Avoid an edible/smoking combo

While it may be tempting to combine both types of marijuana consumption, Austill recommends against it — mainly because it’s not likely to get you anything extra. “You can’t really combine them, because smoking will overpower the edible,” he said.


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