Top stories on, week of March 4 |

Top stories on, week of March 4

A line of cars waits for parking Saturday at one of Keystone Ski Resort’s paid lots even though there were still spaces available at the North Lot, which is free and a short shuttle ride to the resort. On weekends, parking can be tight at the ski resort, and during peak times, all of the lots can fill up, leading to waits of 45 minutes or more.
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“This location means to me that neither the Town nor VR wants to significantly mitigate the increased vehicular traffic that will need to drive all the way into town to park here. Why not locate this structure at the satellite lots along Airport Road, and create an intercept lot to DECREASE the # of cars driving into town? This location will further strain the capabilities of Park Avenue for its entire length. Bummer.” — Geoffrey Guthrie, on “Planned Breckenridge parking garage likened to ‘turd in a punch bowl’ before getting planning commission OK”

“I hope they get this bill pushed through. So much of the fees collected to recreate in Colorado end up in the big pot. With everyone out their loving our forests to death and why wouldn’t we? Having the funds to help ensure they remain available for all time is a plus.” — Linda Gilmer Polhemus, on “Senators introduce bill to allow Forest Service to retain some fees collected from Colorado ski areas on national forest land”

“Maybe it’s because housing and everything else is so expensive that poor people still can’t live there. Used to live there loved the land but lack of or price of housing is absolutely out of control.” — Nate Calvert, on “Summit County residents miss out on $3.2 million in federal food assistance”

“In addition to vacation affordability being out of reach of many Americans, at some companies people have to be cognizant of how much of their vacation they use because if one takes too much time off (even if the company offers it as a benefit), companies may view that employee as not committed to the company enough or possibly not needed and then let go as part of a reduction in force.” — Robert Christie, on “Vacations are just what the doctor ordered”

“Maybe better spent money on cameras placed properly would catch the culprit in action. Then hire an investigator to issue a warrant for the owners arrest. It’s not the dogs fault it has an ignorant OWNER...” — Kenneth Matthes, on “Breckenridge weighs DNA testing dog poop after complaints pile up”

“DNA testing is an excellent idea that can hopefully be implemented soon. The pricing seems reasonable and within the range covered by citation and registration fees. The problem dogs are let out on their own to travel between buildings. Adding human labor to catch ALL the culprits is cost prohibitive. This seems like a win-win for all responsible parties and certainly much easier to manage.” — Thomas Chambers, on “Breckenridge weighs DNA testing dog poop after complaints pile up”

“From my spot in Frisco, it takes 1-1/2hrs to get to Keystone on the Summit Stage. Then another 1-1/2hr to get back home afterwards. That’s not a real attractive alternative. They should add more parking and provide better service for those customers who are paying a lot of money.” — Chris Logan, on “Keystone Resort looks to address parking woes on weekends”

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1. Skier fatality reported at Breckenridge Ski Resort

On March 8, at approximately 9:50 a.m., the Summit County Sheriff’s Office responded to a report of a skier who collided with a tree at Breckenridge Ski Resort on Peak 8. The skier was transported to the Peak 8 First Aid Room where he was later pronounced dead. The the identity of the skier was being held until notification to the next of kin had been made.

2. Planned Breckenridge parking garage likened to ‘turd in punch bowl’ before getting planning commission OK

A few locals voiced some strong opinions over Breckenridge’s planned parking garage, set to be be built partially on the existing Tiger Dredge parking lot on Adams Avenue and on the adjacent F Lot parking along S. Park Avenue.

“I’m going to be brusque, I’m going to be rude, I’m going to be inappropriate,” Lee Edwards told commissioners after calling the proposed parking garage “a turd in a punch bowl.” Edwards was third in the lineup of public commenters Tuesday, and he spoke just moments before planning commissioners recommended town council green-light the project. None liked the idea, and each listed some reasons why. Many overlapped, but most took issue with the appearance and size, traffic patterns on S. Park Avenue and the location of the proposed parking garage.

3. Colorado ski area suspends operations due to lack of snow

A small ski area in Durango that relies all on natural snow had to its suspend operations just a few weeks after it opened due to the lack of snow. Hesperus Ski Area already had to start its season late on Feb. 14, and won’t reopen unless the area receives significant snowfall.

4. Breckenridge weighs DNA testing dog poop after complaints pile up

Facing a longstanding problem of pet owners either failing or refusing to clean up after their companions, Breckenridge town staff are seriously considering DNA testing more than 50 dogs living in town-owned apartments. The way it works is the owner of an apartment complex, for example, would enter into a contract with the company and start including a stipulation about DNA testing pets in the residents’ leases. All of the dogs living in the community would then have their cheeks swabbed, allowing a testing company to create DNA profiles for them. Uncollected dog feces isn’t just a public nuisance, said Dan Hendershott, environmental health manager at the Summit County Public Health Department.

5. Keystone Resort looks to address parking woes on weekends

Skier parking on the weekends at Keystone Resort can sometimes be next to impossible. Seeing the problem, Keystone is one of the few ski resorts with a Twitter feed solely dedicated to parking (@KeystoneParking). The resort also offers parking tips for those looking to head up on those busy weekends, which include taking the bus, arrive before 8:30 a.m. or start later in the day, around 2 p.m.


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