Tow warning doesn’t make a dent |

Tow warning doesn’t make a dent

RYAN SLABAUGHsummit daily news

BRECKENRIDGE – So much for giving people a chance.One week after issuing tow warnings to residents with three or more outstanding parking tickets, Breckenridge Parking Enforcement officials said the warning received little traction.

Starting today, the 315 people with more than two unpaid tickets now have automobiles subject to tow. Those who return to empty parking spaces will also face charges resulting from the tow.According to Leslie Fischer, finance specialist for the town, only three residents paid up this week, while three more residents received tickets putting them into the “tow zone.” Literally, the notice made no difference in the total.

With the help of new technology, the town is hoping to track down more than 6,700 outstanding parking tickets more than 20 days old that are on the books. To the town, the tickets, which date back the last three years, represent more than $134,000, or $20 per ticket.Trish Holcroft, parking operations supervisor, said she had hoped the one-week warning would give locals enough time to pay tickets before the enforcement. She also said that many tickets are from out-of-towners, although she had no way to know the exact number.

To pay parking tickets that were issued in the town of Breckenridge, stop by the third floor of town hall at 150 Ski Hill Rd., or call (970) 547-3122. For all other questions, contact Holcroft at (970) 547-3141. Ryan Slabaugh can be contacted at (970) 668-3998, ext. 13600, or at

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