Toxicity Self Test |

Toxicity Self Test

Check each of the symptoms that you have experienced during the last 30 days: DIGESTIVE SYSTEM- Nausea or vomiting- Diarrhea- Constipation- Belching, passing gas- Bloated feeling- HeartburnEARS- Itchy ears- Earaches, ear infection- Drainage from ears- Ringing in ears- Hearing lossEMOTIONS- Mood swings- Anxiety, fear, nervousness- Anger, irritability- DepressionENERGY/ACTIVITY- Fatigue, sluggishness- Apathy, lethargy- Hyperactivity- RestlessnessEYES- Watery, itchy eyes- Swollen, red, sticky eyelids- Dark circles under eyes- Blurred/tunnel visionHEAD- Headaches- Faintness- Dizziness- InsomniaHEART- Skipped heartbeats- Rapid heartbeats- Chest painJOINTS/MUSCLES- Pain or aches in joints- Arthritis- Stiffness- Pain, aches in muscles- Weakness, tired jointsLUNGS- Chest congestion- Asthma, bronchitis- Shortness of breath- Difficulty breathingMIND-Poor memory- Confusion- Poor concentration- Poor coordination-Difficulty making decisions- Stuttering, stammering- Slurred speech- Learning disabilitiesMOUTH/THROAT- Chronic coughing-Gagging- Sore throat, hoarse- Swollen tongue, gums, lips- Canker soresNOSE- Stuffy nose- Sinus problems- Hay fever – Sneezing attacks- Excessive mucusSKIN – Acne- Hives, rashes, dry skin- Hair loss- Flushing or hot flashes- Excessive sweatingWEIGHT- Binge eating/drinking- Craving certain foods- Excessive weight- Compulsive eating- Water retention- UnderweightThe more items you’ve checked, the more you may need to detoxify.

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