Traffic changes in Breck aren’t working |

Traffic changes in Breck aren’t working

Tom Myers, Breckenridge

RE: Traffic congestion in Breck needs to be addressed (Daily Mail, April 12)The design of the new intersection at Main and South Park in Breckenridge is causing unbelievable traffic backups. The decision by CDOT to change the intersection from two lanes going North to one lane is an obvious disaster.When the streets were covered with snow, motorists solved the problem by forming a left turn lane allowing traffic to proceed on Main Steet after stopping for the light. There is room for the turn lane. I observed two lanes including 18-wheelers and buses.The solution is a gallon of paint to add a legal left turn lane. I’ll even donate the paint.Now the question is, will the traffic circle be the disaster most residents believe it will be? The solution: Stop construction now.

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