Travel the world with Google Earth |

Travel the world with Google Earth

Special to the DailyErin Pheil

I’m always suggesting new sites for people to visit and new programs for people to test out. Every once in a while, however, I come upon an internet treasure so great that instead of offering a suggestion, I offer a hands-down- absolutely-must-see-you’ll-seriously-love-this … recommendation. Today that recommendation is Google Earth.Perhaps you remember my recommendation a long while back about an Earth-mapping application called Keyhole. Keyhole was great, but you had to either pay a fee or use their limited trial version. Recently, however, Keyhole has merged with Google and formed Google Earth.Download the 100 percent free 12MB program right this very second at The first night I downloaded it I, inadvertently of course, ended up staying awake until the wee hours of the morning. It’s that great/addicting.I “flew” from Colorado back to the city, then street, then house where I grew up in California. I then “flew” north and visited my old college campus in Washington state (and to my surprise saw that they have added new buildings and completely reworked the soccer fields).

During my first night using Google Earth I visited the pyramids in Egypt, examined the New Orleans area from the sky, located the beaches I’ve swam at in Costa Rica and flew over my friend’s apartment building in Manhattan.The level of detail is amazing; I wish I’d had this program when I was learning geography and world history in school. Go. Try it. Now.How to save ‘Favorites’Last week one of my dear readers, Ernie, asked for a review on how to go about saving one’s Internet Explorer favorites.

Backing up your Internet Explorer Favorites is both simple and smart. With a backup you can transfer your favorites to your laptop or reinstall them if (knock on wood) your browser crashes and you lose the beloved list of great websites you’ve been collecting for years.To backup your favorites:– Open Internet Explorer (the little blue “e” on your desktop) and click on the File menu in the upper left hand corner, then choose Import and Export. The wizard window that pops open will guide you through the process of exporting your Favorites to a backup file. (Make sure you select Export Favorites, not Import Favorites here!)– When you get to the option where you have to choose “Export to an application” or “Export to a File or Address,” choose the latter and make sure you save your backup file to a place that’s easy to remember, such as your “My Documents” folder.

— After completing the step-by-step process, you’ll have a backup “.htm” file sitting on your computer. Whenever you’d like to install these saved faves onto another computer (or reinstall on yours), you simply return to the Import and Export wizard within Internet Explorer, choose Import Favorites instead of Export Favorites, and browse to the location of your saved backup file.These files aren’t very big, so you can e-mail them to other computers if you’d like.Happy Friday everyone!eRin pheiL is the owner of timeforcake (, a creative web and graphic design firm based in Frisco. eRin can be reached at (970) 668-0709, or at

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