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"Traveler’ tells tricky tale

Carrie Brown

We sat in Sally’s living room listening to Christmas carols. Tiny white lights laced the windows and doorframes. Lists of things I needed for the holiday raced through my mind while we sat talking about books.

Sally interrupted my thoughts as she held up a large hard-covered book.

“I’ve decided to have us read “The Time Traveler’s Wife’ by Audrey Niffenegger next month.

“I’m not sure what you’ll think.

It’s an unusual tale,” she said reluctantly.

None of us was too surprised at that comment.

Sally rarely wrapped her arms around any idea wholeheartedly.

“If nothing else, you’ll appreciate the imagination it took to write this story.

The main character, Henry, has a genetic disease that forces him to travel through time.

Although he moves into both the future and the past, he only travels within his life span.

He meets a young girl, Clare, when she is 6 as he’s time traveling. They spend their life together struggling with his bizarre predicament. It’s a brilliant love story and yet disturbing at the same time.

One never knows when Henry will suddenly disappear.

His departures add to the stress all relationships encounter, which makes the story both unique and interesting.”

Sally paused to nibble a gingerbread man Jess had made with her twins.

They had about an inch of icing covering the heads and what seemed like the entire jar of sprinkles dumped on top.

“The beginning is a bit difficult to sort through.

Time flashes back and forward while you’re trying to discover the characters.

However, Niffenegger’s attention to detail makes it an especially believable story despite the sci-fi twist.”

“Do you think we’ll all finish it in a month or should we allow ourselves more time?” Rita asked.

“It’s long but moves quickly. Let’s stick to our schedule,” Sally said. “Once we depart from our routine, we’ll never reconvene.”

That was easy for her to say, she already had her holiday lights up.

Still, the rest of us reluctantly agreed and planned our next meeting to discuss the book.

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