Treating asthma’s causes is giving the gift of health |

Treating asthma’s causes is giving the gift of health

MARY BROOKSspecial to the daily

Asthma is very complicated. I was determined to find the cause of my sons asthma attacks and not just treat the symptom with a drug. I needed to start taking notice. I watched him like a hawk. I got so that I could immediately tell if he was having a reaction to something. Allergens that could trigger an asthma attack were everywhere – airborne, foods, animals, people, carpet, cars, dust, pollen, perfumes, chemicals, water or just about anything in our environment. The older my son got, and the more things he was exposed to, the more things we realized that he was allergic to. I needed to inform his daycare providers and schools about his allergies and make sure that they did not expose him to any foods or chemicals that would cause an attack. Trial and error with my sons reactions could be really hard. If he was exposed to something that I was not aware of was an allergen for him he would have an attack. His attacks could last a few hours or a few days. About this time, I was introduced to Kinesiology. Kinesiology as described in the book Power vs. Force by David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D is “the study of muscles and their movements, esp. as applied to physical conditioning.” “Indicator muscles will strengthen or weaken in the presence of positive or negative emotional and intellectual stimuli.” It works on the premise that the body knows and has an intelligence of its own. My son’s muscle testing helped me find out ahead of time what things were good for him and what things were harmful. I got to the point where I could go into the grocery store and muscle test foods for him.I could muscle test specific ingredients in things to find out what had caused a reaction. I could muscle test items on a menu to make sure that what he ordered was safe. As I got better at this, I was able to eliminate many things that helped him to stay healthy for longer periods of time. This was good, but it was still not the solution. Eliminating everything that he was allergic to was a huge task and keeping him away from a lot of these things was starting to become a challenge. I now knew what most things were that caused his asthma attacks. I knew that if I eliminated these things, he would be healthier; however, there were so many things that he was allergic to. I was running out of good things that he could eat and be exposed to. I really needed to eliminate these allergies! On a fluke, I heard about a Doctor that practiced NAET, a form of acupressure that can clear allergies in a very non-evasive way. I was so excited. I would try just about anything. I immediately made an appointment for myself to check it out. This doctor uses a form of muscle testing but instead of the tediousness of testing each substance he has a program on his computer that does the same thing in a lot less time. On my first visit, he tested me for 150 substances in about 10 minutes. Surprisingly I was allergic to most of these 150 things. He informed me that, if I had this many allergies, it was very likely that my son had them too. On the next visit, I brought my son with me. We continued treatments for the next year averaging 2-3 times a week. Over this period, we were both cleared of most of our major allergies. The clearings always worked really fast for my son. For me, it would take a little bit longer, but it really did work. Even though most of our major allergies had been cleared, we were still very careful to pay attention to our bodies. Noticing any sensitivities was key in working through the layers. As we cleared things, others surfaced. I found that rotating foods was very helpful in keeping our bodies in balance. The physical and emotional changes that occurred in my son during this period of time was remarkable. He put on weight and started to fill out. His complexion cleared up. He had a wonderful appetite for healthy foods. He immediately grew a few inches. He was less moody and had a lot more energy. The greatest change was that he smiled a lot. He smiled exceptionally wide when he ate his first ice cream cone and had no reaction. There is no greater gift than the gift of health.Mary Brooks writes the occasional column on healthy parenting. She can be e-mailed at

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