Trent Winegar: Obama: radical puppet |

Trent Winegar: Obama: radical puppet

Trent Winegar

Ms. Taylor and Child claim Obama is a “Renaissance” man by virtue of his uncommon broad intellectual and cultural interest possessing universal knowledge”. They are swooning over the prospect that he will be elected as our next president and lead us out of the darkness. Their infatuation with Obama reminds me of teenage groupies, but I presume they are not teenagers.

While it is difficult to know a lot about the man ” he is a relative unknown and has had little in terms of accomplishments by which to judge ” an image has emerged. That image is of a puppet and front man with exceptional oral communications skills who is being promoted and financed by left-wing benefactors including George Soros. This image is supported by the fact that he has risen to national prominence not by any accomplishment or achievement but, rather, through associations and alliances. One can then judge the merit of the man by virtue of those associations and alliances which we now know include people with a very different view of America and an agenda of radical change. That view and agenda can best be characterized as a distain of our history, traditions, values and institutions and a quest for a socialist state. By extension socialism leads to tyranny.

So as Ms. Taylor and Child coo over the prospect of Obama’s New World Leadership style that will “make the world a safer place and and make our nation strong again,” I suggest the reality of an Obama administration might just produce quite another outcome. Unless Ms. Taylor and Child think that the Soviet Union, China, Cuba, Vietnam and North Korea are models of New World Leadership, I suggest they consider if they really “want the consequences of what they want.

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