Trigg: Keeping Summit Stage solvent |

Trigg: Keeping Summit Stage solvent

Bruce Trigg

As a follow-up to last weeks letter concerning the budget woes of the Summit Stage, I’d like to offer a suggestion to the Transit Board and County Commissioners: a twenty-five cent service charge added to every ski area lift ticket sold in Summit County for an account for Summit Stage. Just $.25 on every lift ticket would add up to $250,000 for every million tickets, but would add less then 1 percent to the cost of every ticket over $25 (and when was the last time anyone paid just $25 for a lift ticket?). For a single all-day adult ticket which runs over $100, this-$.25 fee is just one-quarter of one percent, .25 percent. That’s miniscule. And for all the benefits the ski areas reap from the bus service, both for their guests and employees, this fee is warranted. People routinely pay service fees for tickets to concerts and sporting events. Ski areas routinely raise the prices of their lift tickets every year. A $.25 service fee wouldn’t even be noticed by the purchaser. So buck up, Breckenridge. Kick in, Keystone. Contribute, Copper, and ante up A-Basin. Get on the bus.

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