True believing Christians know they are in no way superior to anyone |

True believing Christians know they are in no way superior to anyone

I’ve had enough!

After reading numerous articles and guest commentaries in the Summit Daily bashing Christians and Christian leaders, some even written by a local pastor, I decided it was time to not bite my tongue, or hold my e-mail, as I usually do.

Andrew Gmerek’s May 30 opinion column misses the mark completely. How I wish I could be given a weekly space in the Daily to espouse my own opinions, like Mr. Gmerek has been given. He wrongly lumps certain Christian organizations with al-Qaida.

For someone preaching tolerance, that does not sound very tolerant. He wrongly implies that Christianity is a religion that “despised homosexuals or Muslims.” This again is not true.  The Bible says that “God so loved the world S” That includes, homosexuals, Muslims, misguided religious zealots, adulterers, liars, the poor as well as the rich, murderers, politicians, the common man, woman, boy, or girl, and yes, even misspoken newspaper columnists. True Bible-believing Christians know they are in no way superior to anyone. We do understand that “all have sinned” and that “it is by grace that you have been saved.” It is easy to cite an off-the-wall example and categorize the whole group by one member of the group. That is called prejudice.

Christians do not hate homosexuals, as you and so many others unfortunately believe. The Bible calls anyone involved in anything (lifestyle, habit, relationship) that is less than God’s best to walk away from it. Most Christians do believe that homosexuality is not God’s best for an individual or society, just as we believe that the drug addict is not experiencing God’s best when he practices that which he is bound to. As Christians, we all had to walk away from something that the Bible calls sin. One’s misguided sexual choices, whether homo or hetero, are only one example, no better or worse than any other.

Mr. Gmerek, your comments about Promise Keepers reveal your lack of knowledge about its true beliefs, and therefore disqualify you from making educated comments. How easy and how shallow it is for you to carelessly write your misguided opinion without telling the whole story.

Yes, Promise Keepers calls husbands to be the Biblical leaders in a relationship where husbands and wives are partners, and equals in importance, but different in function. It is a matter of function, not value. A similar idea would be that women are better-suited to give birth, rather than men. That, too, is a matter of function, not value. Surely, you wouldn’t argue with that, would you?

As to your thoughtless remarks about values, we all have them. True Christian values come from a genuine understanding of the Bible, which, in an age of changing morals, does not change.

You, too, Andrew, have something on which you base your beliefs and values. How is it that you are so enlightened as to declare my foundation for my beliefs as wrong? What would you say about me if I said the same about you? This is not about “some white guy” as you say.

The foundation of Christianity stands upon a Jew and a book written by Jews.

In a society that applauds tolerance and all-inclusiveness, we Christians accept we will, at times, be despised for our beliefs. It goes with the territory. We only ask that if you are going to despise us, please first understand what we actually stand for, not what you think we stand for.

You say we should accept different lifestyles. Do you mean all of them? Should we accept the thief who chooses to rob you blind? What about the murderer who didn’t want to restrain himself? What about the alcoholic who has a habit of driving while drunk? Should we accept all lifestyles, or do you, too, draw the line somewhere, Mr. Gmerek? And what gives you that right? And if you say that there are no absolutes, as you imply, isn’t that an absolute?

As for your comments about knowing the Bible, I, too, have spent some time studying it. But it’s not about knowing the book, it’s about knowing the author.

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