True, the left doesn’t get it |

True, the left doesn’t get it

Morgan Liddick writes in the Sept. 17 SDN: “So persuaded is the American left of the rightness and justice of its causes that it has forgotten the necessity to argue for their acceptance in the court of public opinion, and to consider that their opponents may, in fact, have valid concerns.”There is truth to this, although I’d argue that the right is equally culpable in failing to consider the other side.But when looking at the most critical and polarizing issue of the campaign – the war in Iraq – what causes the left to wonder about the sanity of Bush supporters is just how very misguided this war is and how they can support the administration that created it. Consider: more than 1,000 American lives lost, plus thousands of Iraqis, including many children and other noncombatants; some $200 billion spent; America’s prestige on the world stage severely diminished; allies alienated; little to no attention paid to more pressing threats (nuclear) from Iran and N. Korea; pursuit of real terrorists behind 9/11 all but abandoned as resources diverted to Iraq; no end in sight as Iraq spirals toward anarchy, civil war, hell on earth; link between all this and reduction of terrorist threat in THIS country: zero, zip, zilch. This information might be enough to convince most people that the war is bad and the man who started it doesn’t deserve a second term. But consider this: 42 percent of Americans in a recent poll said they believe Saddam Hussein was directly involved in the terrorist attacks of 9/11.Forty-two percent? That means nearly half our fellow citizens – and I don’t know if they’re right, left or in-between – have fallen for the Bush administration’s implicit construct that Saddam all but flew the planes and that Iraq was, is and should be the front on the so-called war on terror. And this is, as Los Angles Times columnist Steve Lopez recently pointed out, just about the only Middle Eastern country that did not have terrorists in it. (Of course, that’s all changed now.)So, yeah Morgan, it’s hard not to think of those 42 percent as “bumpkins” – if that describes the masses who know more about “Fear Factor” contestants and baseball scores than they do about world reality. And as for the rallying call “Anybody But Bush,” it’s easy to understand its basis when reality sets in and one looks at this president’s actual record of accomplishments beyond the chest-thumping rhetoric.And all this isn’t even getting started on the many ways Bush has screwed up the economy, the environment, education, homeland security, etc. Apart from being a “likable” guy (gag) with his feel-good folksiness, what has this guy actually done to improve our lives or the world in general? I’d love to know, with hard facts, please.

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