Try this international analogy about pending war with Iraq |

Try this international analogy about pending war with Iraq

This is a response to Alex Johnson’s March 1 dog poisoning analogy as to why we should bomb Iraq. Alex, I respect your opinion and want to offer another analogy to ponder.

China decides our administration is cruel to its people and democracy doesn’t work. They think our government favors the rich and oppresses the poor. The poor and homeless do not get adequate health care, enough food, shelter, adequate education, or legal representation.

We possess weapons of mass destruction, are secretly developing more, and we have used them. We are pursuing “star wars” technology which will encourage our use of nuclear weapons due to lack of deterrence by retaliation. We also cannot pay our debts.

China demands that we disarm and change our administration to communism so all of our citizens are treated equally. If we refuse, they will unilaterally disarm us, no matter what the rest of the world thinks, in the name of world peace and saving our people.

We agree to disarm because we don’t want to get nuked. Chinese inspectors search our whole country and find nothing. We are cooperating but it is impossible for us, or anyone, to prove we do not have hidden weapons. Please think about that for a moment. Since China is sure we have weapons they cannot find, they bomb us anyway, install a communist dictator, and treat all of our citizens equally poorly.

The Bush administration is using the same logic on Iraq, so I assume you would approve of this scenario. Oh, I forgot, we’re right because God is on our side and we happen to currently have the biggest military controlling our interests around the world. Consider history: the Romans, Nazi Germany. Is it our turn?

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