Twice-stuck motorist thanks those who helped liberate car |

Twice-stuck motorist thanks those who helped liberate car

I just wanted to comment on the fact that both Wednesday night and again Thursday morning, I was unfortunately stuck and on both occasions, some young men came to my rescue and pushed me out of the deep snow ruts in which I was stuck.

It really renews my faith in people that they are willing to stop and give aide. Without their help, I could either still be stuck in the 7-Eleven driveway in Breckenridge or near the Tiger Run RV park trying to get onto Highway 9 to reach work.

I would just like to say thanks to those unknown young men who assisted me.

The world is really not such a bad place after all.

T. S. Tietsort

general manager

Marriott’s Mountain Valley Lodge


Anti-war bias detected

in Summit Daily News and AP reporting

I have noticed what appears to be a tendency for the Summit Daily articles regarding the Iraq crisis to lean in the direction of siding with people who disagree with the way our president is handling this situation.

It was brought to my attention most vividly in the March 19 article by Jane Stebbins, “Politicians divided on Bush’s ultimatum to Iraq.”

You will note that two Democrats, who disagree with the way President Bush is handling this situation – Rep. Mark Udall and State Sen. Joan Sen. Fitz-Gerald – were given the lion’s share of the coverage, whereas the Republican U.S. Senators, who agree with the president, got very little coverage.

Also, the articles by Colleen Slevin and Ramola Tawarbadam (both by the Associated Press) in the same paper (page A19) gave the same anti-Bush sentiment.

It would be nice if the Summit Daily News could give a more balanced approach regarding what appears to be an impending war with Iraq, especially since the most recent polls support President Bush – somewhere like 70 percent favoring the U.S. and our allies removing Hussein without U.N. approval and less than 30 percent against our doing so.

Roland Brauer


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