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U.S. is right with Iraq because Saddam deceives

Lately, it seems everybody has an opinion on war with Iraq, and everybody seems to fancy themselves an expert on world and Middle East policy. While I am no expert myself, I would like to use a little analogy to explain why I feel what we are doing is the right thing.

Let’s say you have a couple of dogs that you love very much. Your dogs are the most important things to you, and you would do everything you could to keep them safe and healthy. But unfortunately, you have a neighbor who hates dogs. Loathes them. Despises them.

No matter what you do, and despite all your best efforts, you cannot convince your neighbor to stop hating your dogs. Fearing for their well-being, you keep a cautious eye on your neighbor.

One day you see your neighbor come home with a package of ground beef and a bottle of antifreeze. You know for certain he is intending to poison your dogs, so you call the police. The police come and ask your neighbor if he was planning to poison your dogs, and, of course, he says no.

The police then ask him if he has any poison for your dogs, and again, of course, he says no. The officer then asks to take a look around your neighbor’s house to see if he can find any poison. Your neighbor allows him to look, but only in the living room.

The officer takes a quick peek around, sees nothing wrong and tells you he cannot do anything without proof or evidence of the poison. Despite all of your protests, he gets in his car and drives away.

“Can’t do anything without proof,” he calls out as he drives away. You look over to your neighbor and see him smirking at you as he rubs his hands together with a viscous gleam in his eyes.

The next day you come home from work and find your dogs are dead. A pile of antifreeze-tainted meat lies nearby. You look to your neighbor’s house and see him laughing.

People, we know that Saddam has 12,000 gallons of anthrax that he has not shown any proof of destroying. We know he has huge quantities of biological, chemical, and possibly nuclear weapons he has not accounted for.

We know he has them. We just can’t find them. And we know he wants to use them on us and all of Western civilization. He is not the kind of leader who acquires weapons to secure peace. He acquires them because he wants to use them. It is up to us to make sure he does not. The proof the U.N. wants may inevitably be the millions of dead bodies around the world.

Do we wait until our loved ones and friends start dropping like flies? Wait till you get a bad cough and rash that you or the doctors can’t explain, but know that within a few days will kill you? Do we wait till we have that proof, or do we act now?

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