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Udall, Democrats resort to partisanship to discredit President Bush

U.S. Rep. Mark Udall’s recent column (Oct. 10) shows how Democrats rely on divisiveness and a superficial presentation of the issues. Udall relied on hard-line party caterwauling to criticize the U.S. mission in Iraq and the U.S. economy.

His petty partisanship was all the more reprehensible given these facts: President George Bush is grappling with the worst stock market crash since 1929 and the first enemy attack on U.S. soil since 1941. Both crises were 1) well under way when he took office in early 2001 and 2) were left unattended by the previous administration.

Federal Reserve Board Chairman Alan Greenspan had warned of irrational exuberance in 1996 and the World Trade Center bombing in 1993 was a mea culpa event to the “blame America first” crowd in the U.S. Justice, State and Defense departments at that time.

Let’s extend Udall’s juvenile logic to the “quagmire” in California, where Democrats have been in control much longer than U.S. troops have been in Iraq.

California’s economy is worse than the national norm and imagine if the number of murders in Los Angeles were reported daily, day after day. California’s quagmire results largely from Democrats granting irresponsible benefits to sway voters, including de facto citizenship to illegal immigrants, ridiculous early retirement benefits to union workers and a slew of iconoclastic tax-funded programs. All this comes at the expense of mainstream middle-class workers.

Democrats lash out at people who question their supposed patriotism, but these Democrats sound more like Fidel Castro assailing those who dare to question his regime.

 Mike Spaniola


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