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United Dope Front hits the Goat

CAROLINA THIBAUDsummit daily news

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KEYSTONE – Jarad Astin is calling it an “all star re-gathering of (United) Dope Front people” and apparently it’s one of those shows you just cannot miss. It’s happening today, starting at 9:30 p.m. at the Goat in Keystone and the band is promising a performance you won’t forget.Along with Astin (organ, synths and vocals), Ben Senterfit (sax, guitar and vocals), Dave Petry (percussion) and Jake Sanders (sax and vocals) complete the lineup. They’ll be doing some blues, some jazz and a whole lot of improvisation, which they say, is what they do best. “All the people involved with the Dope Front are very talented musicians,” said Astin. “They are all true artists that have been in the business for many years and have performed in all the top venues in Colorado.”Astin said he loves performing at the Goat. “It is really hard to draw big crowds in the mountains but there is definitely a crowd that is very supportive of the Goat.” In fact, he said, there were around 500 people at their last show.

Almost five years ago, Senterfit and Astin founded their own record label, which they named CueZone, and which became a “breeding ground” for their own individual projects, as well as for other local artists.Senterfit is currently working on a new record, which will probably be released in April next year, while Astin is hard at work with his jazz trio (with Kirwin Jones in bass and Bob Mulligan in drums). The Jarad Astin Trio has already released two records: “Red, Black and Blue” and “Audio Alchemy”.He is also planning to move to New York next spring with his wife Christel Rice, who is also one of the label’s musicians.”I think just being there is going to be very good for all of us,” Astin said. “In five years CueZone has managed to build a very strong concept and people now recognize the label nationally. We were able to create that sort of vibe.”

Astin hopes moving to New York will open the door to bigger and better things. “In a couple of years I hope to still be doing what I am doing now, only with more records.”His focus right now is to produce his own and other people’s recordings, as well as making sure that “gigs are happening” for all the artists in the label. He has little time left to compose music, but he writes whenever he gets a chance. For more information on the Dope Front and CueZone Records, visit http://www.cuezonerecords.com.

What: United Dope FrontWho: Ben Senterfit, Jarad Astin, Jake Sanders and Dave PetryWhen: starting at 9:30 p.m. todayWhere: The Goat in Keystone