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Unrealistic analogies and their dangers

This is a response to Tom Schorr’s March 8 letter. This is the first time I have felt it necessary to submit my thoughts in a letter to the editor.

Tom, it is you who scares me more than any terrorist group, rogue dictator or our own government. It’s partisan quibbling that stifles our efforts to protect our people.

Your analogy about the Chinese invading the U.S. was unrealistic and ridiculous. Also, you are the second person I remember comparing our government to the Nazis and our leader(s) to Hitler (see Tuesday February 4, 2003 Opinion piece authored by Sandi Bruns, of Frisco).

You know as well as me that your Chinese conspiracy theory could not and would not be remotely possible. The only people who would be swayed by your analogy are the young and those looking to protest anything having to do with our government, especially if it comes from right of the middle. As for the Nazi-Hitler thing, dude, you got some serious thought process problems and should be very careful who you say that to.

Let me share a much more realistic analogy “to ponder.”

Our government is unable to search out, and yes eradicate, those who threaten our and our allies’ people because of heavy protesting by groups that cite ridiculous analogies, such as yours, as the foundation of their causes.

Countries such as Iraq, North Korea, Libya, France and Germany directly or indirectly finance and provide training grounds for the obviously large number of radical terrorists.

Terrorist attacks on U.S. and allied soil are now commonplace. It becomes too risky for large numbers of people to gather. All events are canceled, no live entertainment events, no air travel, travel by land by permission only, no skiing, no mountain sports whatsoever that involve groups of people, etc. Everyone alive is related to someone killed in an attack. Every citizen lives in a state of complete paranoia.

Sounds fun, yeah? This is post 9-11. It can happen. This is a realistic and genuinely scary analogy.

The Bush administration’s efforts to eliminate terrorist threats and those countries that sponsor it is a responsibility thrust upon it on Sept. 11, 2001. Its responsibility is to protect my family, my friends, my fellow Americans, me, and even you from such threats. This would be true whether it were to be Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Green Party, Ralph Nader, Al Sharpton, or whatever, in power. It also is its responsibility to take into account opinions such as yours, but to be damn sure nobody on any side of this issue will have to one day say, “I told you so.” This is an enormous responsibility I would not wish upon anybody.

Tom, and you, too, Sandi of Frisco, I implore you to abandon your unfounded, accusatory and dangerous ways, especially those of calling our government and its leaders Nazis. Give the administration support so that we can all remain to feel safe in our privileged lives in this beautiful mountain community.

If you can’t dig that, I seriously suggest you move to some other country that falls more in line with your philosophies.

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