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Unwelcome house guest leaves stinky gift in appropriate spot

WILDERNEST – A woman who co-owns a condominium in Wildernest didn’t receive the warmest welcome back to her second home this summer.The woman entered the unit earlier this summer and found the door unlocked, dirty dishes in the sink and, well, let’s just call it an unwelcome surprise in the toilet. She assumed it was the doing of one of the condo’s other owners and cleaned up the mess. About a month later, when she came back to the house, she noticed the door was unlocked again, so she checked with the other owners and nobody knew anything about the “messy conditions” and said they had not been using the condo.The woman thought back and realized things had been turning up out of place at the house for about seven months. She called the Sheriff’s Office to report the illegal couch surfer.Housekeepers surprised by naked manKEYSTONE – Two housekeepers were cleaning rooms in Keystone when they saw a man come out of one of the units in his underwear. The man went back into the room but left the door open. A little while later, the women saw the man again inside the room, buck naked and aroused, so they called the Sheriff’s Office. A sheriff’s deputy went to the room where the alleged indecently-exposed man was lurking, knocked on the door and didn’t get an answer. The deputy called the unit’s owner, who was in Iowa and said he didn’t know of anyone who could be staying in the condo. The property management company confirmed the room hadn’t been rented in more than two months. The deputy searched the room and found two cigarette butt-filled soda cans and a bath towel near the second-floor bathroom, but no sign of the illegal guest.Caught in the actSILVERTHORNE – A Silverthorne police officer pulled over a 19-year-old man for crossing over the center lane of traffic. The officer approached the driver, who had the smell of alcohol on his breath, and asked how much he’d had to drink. The driver answered “one drink at home” right about the time the officer noticed an open 12-pack of beer behind the passenger seat. The officer asked the man to step out of the car to perform a sobriety test, which he failed. The cover officer searched the vehicle and found four full bottles of Coors and three empty beer cans behind the passenger seat. She also saw a quarter-full bottle of Coors behind the driver’s seat next to the center console.The man was arrested for DUI, driving with excessive alcohol content, illegal alcohol consumption by an underage person and failure to drive in a single lane.Paying the fare would have been easierFRISCO – A taxicab driver called the Frisco police to report a woman who assaulted him when she refused to pay her fare. He also said when he dropped off the woman and the man accompanying her, the man left his wallet behind.A Frisco sergeant tracked the pair down at the post office and asked what happened. The woman said the driver had pushed her out of the cab, that she had called 911 during the assault and that the dispatch tapes would prove she was in the right.She also said she had the injuries to prove she was assaulted and lifted up her pant leg to reveal an abrasion on her knee. She also revealed a bag of weed tucked into her calf-high boot. She said she had found the weed on the floor of a bathroom in a Breckenridge bar. The sergeant confiscated the drugs and reviewed the 911 tapes and determined the driver was the one who was assaulted. The woman paid her $31 cab fare and the driver left without pressing charges.Nicole Formosa can be reached at (970) 668-3998 ext. 229, or at nformosa@summitdaily.com

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