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Up Against the Wall

Up Against the Wall appears biweekly. All accounts are rewritten from Summit County law enforcement agency logs. Names are withheld for privacy; individuals are assumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Numerous cases of bad checks and fraud popped up on Breckenride police logs in the past month. Anecdotal evidence says it’s the time of year for it: As each season winds down, some who are leaving town close bank accounts with checks still out there – accidentally and intentionally.

Police recommend clerks and cashiers take driver’s license information, verify the photo on the license matches the customer and to note that on the check.

Steamin’ drunk

Officers were called to a Highway 9 bed and breakfast for a trespass in progress just after 2 a.m. On arrival, the inn manager said he didn’t want to press charges, but there was a drunk man in his hot tub. An officer approached the clandestine soaker and noted the usual signs of intoxication. The man “was confused, unsure of his name and could not remember where he lived or why he was in the hot tub.”

The man blew a .166 breath-alcohol content and was taken to the detox center to sober up.

The transmission’s shot

A group of friends were practicing their marksmanship at the landfill firing range near Keystone. But, in addition to paper targets, they were shooting at old TVs, cans and a transmission – not recommended for safety reasons. As in this case: One man shot at the transmission with a .44 Magnum; the heavy-caliber bullet dislodged a piece of metal, which ricocheted back and struck another man in the abdomen. The wounded man immediately collapsed and vomited.

His friends took him to Summit Medical Center (but only on second thought after trying to just go home first). Officers who responded noted the smell of alcohol in the wounded man’s vomit and, after searching his friend, found a marijuana pipe in his pocket. The friend was cited for possession of drug paraphernalia.

Miscellaneous theft

It’s the time of year for theft (though nothing can compete with winter ski and board heists). In addition to several broken car windows at trailheads and disappearing cars, some more unusual items have disappeared: A man south of Breckenridge reported someone stole the $300 hood ornament off his Mercedes. A Keystone man reported his son’s clarinet somehow disappeared out of their condo.

Lazy is right

Best excuse as to why a driver would fail the Follow-the-Pen-With-Your-Eyes roadside test: A man told a sheriff’s deputy he had a lazy eye. Unfortunately, he couldn’t remember which one it was. The man was arrested.

Bombs away

Breckenridge officers on foot patrol were shocked to watch a bald man heading for a condo building turn back toward the street, wind up and heft a glass across the street.

They chased the man to the building and found an apartment door that appeared to be broken into. They entered the unit, believing the glass quarterback had illegally entered himself.

The officers found the man passed out on a bed. They woke him and the man became argumentative.

The officers cuffed the man while checking his ID and calling the apartment manager. The man said he didn’t remember throwing the glass. He was cited under the “throwing missiles” ordinance.

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