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Up Against the wall: Drunk man provides police with not one, but four fake IDs

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Summit County, CO Colorado

SUMMIT COUNTY ” Police promptly stopped a man who appeared to be entering his vehicle while intoxicated and asked to see a form of identification.

With blood-shot eyes and slurred speech the man handed over a Florida ID which officers realized was a fake due to it’s sloppy construction.

Officers then asked for a second form of ID, and this time the man handed over an ID from a different country with no date of birth.

Next it was another foreign ID with a date of birth that was underage, followed by a second Florida drivers license that was also fake.

In order to obtain the man’s true name he was transported to the Summit County Jail to get finger printed. While he was there he was also charged with Second Degree Forged Interment, Criminal Impersonation, and being Intoxicated in a Roadway.

Apparently all the IDs used the same three names but in different order, a creative yet ultimately ineffective tactic.

While patrol the parking lot at a local apartment complex police noticed two males suspiciously loitering and looking into parked cars.

Once the two males caught on to the fact that the police were watching them they both reached into their pockets and threw some unidentified objects on the ground before walking towards the patrol car.

Police exited their vehicle to approach the men and noticed the contents on the ground appeared to be a white bracelet and three small clear baggies with some white powdery substance in them.

The officers suspected the contents to be narcotics and field tested the substance in one of the baggies to discover that it was cocaine.

The men were taken to the Summit County Jail where they were both charged with Littering and Possession of Cocaine.

One of the men claimed he had no idea where the drugs came from and that they were not his, although he did claim ownership of the bracelet that was dropped right next to the bags of cocaine.

Police received a tip that a former ski resort employee had stolen rental property from the resort and was bragging about it to all his friends.

Officers arrived at the former employees residence and asked if he had any stolen property, to which the man admitted he had a snowboard that was supposed to be returned 20 days prior.

The man was placed under arrest and placed in the back of the patrol car where he quickly confessed to also keeping two pairs of snowboard boots right before police searched his residence.

During the search police recovered the stolen rental equipment, which totaled more than $600.

The man was then taken to jail where he was charged with Theft of Rental Property.

Needless to say, this is one resort employee who probably won’t be asked back to work come next ski season.

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