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Up Against the Wall: Her garage holds all the evidence

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Summit County, CO Colorado

SUMMIT COUNTY ” A concerned citizen alerted authorities that a hit and run was in progress at a local shopping plaza, stating that a silver sports car and backed into a red Subaru and then quickly sped off.

The quick-thinking citizen provided authorities with a clear description of the two vehicles and even got the license plate number off the sports car before it took off. An officer quickly arrived on the scene to find the Subaru with fresh damage to the driver side rear bumper and fender with some paint scratched off. The car was safely parked in the spot and was not sticking out in the roadway at all.

Through obtaining the license plate number the officer was able to track down the owner of the sports car and arrived at the door step to confront the alleged hit-and-run driver.

The woman denied having anything to do with the incident, even after the officer told her there was a witness that saw her hit the car and drive off.

After denying the incident several more times, the woman agreed to let the officer see the car in the garage.

Once in the garage the officer quickly pointed out two long red scratches on the driver side bumper matching the exact color and height of the parked Subaru.

The woman insisted those scratches had been there for years, even though they were the only part of the car mysteriously clear of any mud or dirt.

The woman was given a citation for unsafe backing and failure to report after striking a parked car.

After the officer handed over the citation the woman admitted to hearing something when she was backing up, but claimed it was the Subaru’s fault for sticking out in the roadway.

An officer patrolling a local apartment complex came across an interesting scene when he found a man yelling and screaming at passing vehicles.

The officer approached the man to ask him what he was doing to which he quickly responded, “I’m honking at the cars.”

The man was clearly intoxicated with bloodshot, watery eyes and slurred speech.

After running his information through the system dispatch informed the officer the man had an outstanding misdemeanor warrant for failure to appear in court regarding a Commercial Vehicle Safety Violation.

The man was then transported to the Summit County Jail where he was booked on the warrant. There is no word as to whether he continued to try to honk at fellow inmates.

A local resort called authorities to report a male subject that was skiing out of bounds near one of the back bowls. The season ticket holder admitted to going under the ropes to seek out some new terrain but didn’t seem entirely remorseful.

Ski patrol authorities admitted the man was lucky he was caught seeing that they were about to begin avalanche blasting in the area he was found.

In addition to getting his pass suspended for two weeks, the man was also issued a summons. Hopefully the man eventually realized that two weeks off the slopes is a lot better than two weeks buried in an avalanche. So when tempted to break the rules remember this: Don’t force search and rescue make the rounds, be smart and stay in bounds.

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