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Up Against the Wall: Man didn’t "Wanna Dance" or leave the bar

A man tore down a “Wanna Dance” sign from a bar near Copper Mountain early Saturday morning to get back at bouncers who threw him out when he wasn’t finished with his drink, according to a report from the Summit County Sheriff’s Office.

He told deputies, who arrived on scene soon after, that the bouncers became annoyed with him and got in his face, yelling at him to finish his drink. Like a fraternity hazing, when he didn’t drink fast enough, they kicked him out.

Outraged at this treatment, the man decided to get even and tore down a sign allegedly reading “Wanna Dance” that was hanging outside the bar. He had dragged it out into the street before the bar employees caught up with him and pushed him in a snow bank.

The bar employees told deputies the dude just hadn’t finished his drink 25 minutes after last call, so they escorted him out. A few minutes later they saw him dragging the sign away from the bar and yelled at him. He started running so they chased him down and caught him.

The man was cited for criminal mischief for the damage to the sign, valued at $100.

A guy who messed up his brother’s face after his brother got in the middle of an argument he was having with another man, said his brother had it coming, according to a sheriff’s office report.

The guy got into an argument with the third man while drinking. His brother stepped in and the first guy punched him in the face and kicked him when he fell to the floor. The guy then punched his brother again in the back of the head. The brother went outside and called 911.

At first, the man, who was lying in bed when deputies arrived, said he didn’t know what happened to his brother. He said he thought “two guys had beaten him up,” according to the report.

Maybe it was the blood all over his hands or the eye witness to the fight that tipped them off, but they arrested him anyway.

On the way to the Summit County jail, the man said, “OK, so I hit my brother once … well, I hit him three times, but he had that … coming.”

The brother suffered “several facial and nasal fractures,” as a result of the attack.

The man was booked for second degree assault.

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