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Up Against the Wall: Oops! Runaway car catches cop’s attention

A man fumbled a traffic stop Super Bowl Sunday, when he left his car in neutral and then failed to notice when it started to roll away, according to a Summit County Sheriff’s Office report.

The man made a bad call and got behind the wheel apparently a little drunk the night of the game. A deputy pulled the man over on Highway 6 after watching him nearly take out two parked cars on one side of the road before swerving back across three lanes to almost hit the median.

The deputy stopped the man and asked how much he’d had to drink. The driver responded with a blank stare. He spent several minutes retrieving his driver’s license from his wallet before the deputy asked him to step out of the car.

The driver put the car in neutral and got out. The vehicle took the opportunity to try to roll away.

The deputy told the man his car was rolling twice and the car gained a few yards, before the driver managed to sack the vehicle and turn it off.

The deputy threw a flag on the play and put the driver in his patrol car.

Things weren’t so hunky dory on Hunki Dori Court – the Anticipation run at Keystone Resort – after a man, who claimed to be “almost a doctor,” tackled a woman in a ski lift line following a collision on the slopes.

It seems the altercation occured after someone’s skis went over someone’s snowboard on the mountain. The woman may have pushed the man and yelled a few choice words and before you know it, the woman sees the almost-doctor at the base of the Outback Express lift with “an angry expression displayed upon his face,” according to a report from the Summit County Sheriff’s Office.

The woman said the man then tackled her from behind, driving her into a metal gate and hurting her knee and her shoulder.

The almost-doctor said he saw the woman at the base of the hill after the collision and tried to talk to her, but she ignored him and got in the lift line.

“I lost it right there,” he later told deputies. “I started to walk toward her a little faster than normal.” And tackled her.

The near-MD attributed his behavior to “acute stress disorder.”

Both seemed to want to let the incident go at first. The man said he was willing to “play nice,” and the woman told deputies she didn’t want to “ruin his entire life for something stupid.”

But the next day the woman e-mailed the deputy saying she changed her mind and did, in fact, want to press charges.

The almost-doctor who almost got off with a warning was summonsed for third-degree assault.

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