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Up Against the Wall: Vegas-bound drinkers land in jail

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Summit County, CO Colorado

SUMMIT COUNTY ” A couple bound for Vegas in a stolen car had to answer to police when they were stopped for reckless driving with a flat tire.

Police pulled up behind the vehicle on Interstate 70 and when they ran the license plates, dispatch informed the deputies the car was stolen.

The officers following the car attempted to do a felony traffic stop, but the car refused to pull over for two miles. Once the vehicle finally pulled over, officers quickly drew their weapons and aimed them at the vehicle ordering the driver to exit the vehicle with his hands up.

Tension began to mount as the deputy called out five separate times for the man to exit the vehicle, and when he still showed no sign of movement officers called for backup.

After several tense minutes the driver began to stir and reached into the rear of the vehicle to recover what appeared to be vodka bottle. Police continued to shout out commands with guns drawn as the man took several swigs from the bottle.

After quenching his thirst, deputies saw the man lean over and grabbed his female passenger by the hair, shaking her head several times. The passenger showed no response and her head just sagged to the side.

Finally, after a 15 minutes of ignoring commands from the deputies, the man exited the car and began walking towards them with his hands in his pockets.

After several stumbling steps towards the officers the man turned around and headed back to his car to retrieve a cigarette. When the deputy ordered the man to kneel on the ground with his spread out on the ground in front of him, he refused to comply by citing that it was too cold.

Police were finally able to get the man in the back seat of the patrol car where he was asked about the status of his passenger.

“She’s unconscious,” he said. “She don’t know where she is.”

Officers tactilely approached the vehicle and found the woman slumped over and unconscious but still breathing. The woman finally stirred and appeared to be extremely intoxicated.

“We just took my friends vehicle, and we’re just going to Vegas,” the woman spontaneously uttered as she was escorted out of the stolen vehicle.

Back at the patrol car the man informed the officers that the female passenger was his girlfriend and that they had taken her friend’s car in Denver after they had an argument.

The man was slurring his words as he admitted they had both been drinking a lot and claimed they were just trying to get to Vegas to visit his family. When asked how much he had to drink the man replied, “one pint of vodka man; I’m a soldier.”

Police were not all that impressed with his drinking abilities and the man was placed under arrest for Aggravated Motor Vehicle Theft, Aggravated Habitual Traffic Offender and Driving Under the Influence. His girlfriend was also charged with Aggravated Motor Vehicle Theft.

A local mountain resort contacted the Summit County Sheriff’s Office to report that an employee had used a stolen credit card to fraudulently charge more than $200 to his employee season pass.

The employee had outstanding charges on his account and, after finding a First Bank credit card on the ground, decided he could use the card to bail himself out of his financial troubles.

According to the detectives at the Sheriff’s Office, the employee logged on to the season pass computer system and used a supervisor’s login password to attach the stolen credit card to his account and change his account status to “Charges Recovered.”

Little did he know there was a security camera in the office and his sneaky attempt to rectify his debt was later viewed by a supervisor.

After being questioned by detectives the employee said he knew what he had done was wrong but that he was too proud to call home and ask for money.

The man was charged with Theft, Computer Crime, Unauthorized Use of a Financial Transaction Device and Criminal Possession of a financial Transaction Device.

Now instead asking his parents for money, the ex-employee will have to call home to inform his family of his criminal arrest.

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