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Urge John not to concede

Senator McCain now knows first hand why Senator Clinton, and yes, her husband Bill, became so frustrated and irritated with the mainstream media. They are treating him with the same lack of respect they treated the Clintons, especially Senator Clinton.

You might think there was only one person running for the highest office in the land the way the press treated her and is treating Senator McCain now.

The press messiah, the annointed one, is of course, Senator Obama.

In Senator Clinton’s case, they clearly did not want a woman as the nominee, but wanted an inexperienced senator from Illinois, who is eloquent in his speech, short on judgment, and lean on credibility.

As a candidate in the primaries, he ran as a far left candidate, a mantra loved and accepted by the media, as most of them in a recent survey are part of the left.

It is unprecedented the “papal” coverage they are giving the “annointed” one.

Anchors from all three major networks acting as his press secretaries, and over 200 reporters trailing after him like “lap” dogs.

Not a tough question, no challenges as to his constant changing of positions and policies, no fair coverage of the other nominees for the highest office in the land. Unprecedented and a very dangerous situation. A love affair between a media whose responsibility is to get to the truth, and one who is obcessed with getting one person elected.

The question becomes, should John McCain give a concession speech or an acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention? Between now and then, will the press call for him to concede?

Don’t laugh! They called for Senator Clinton to concede long before the votes were counted.

They hounded her day after day. To her credit, she stayed in the race until the last vote was counted, however, long before that, the media had picked their candidate.

I gained a lot of respect for Mrs. Clinton. It is tough to go up against an NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, CNN, New York Times, Washington Post, and the list goes on, who in lock-step have chosen their man. It has actually become laughable, but I can assure you as one who has followed the political process for many years, it is a dangerous situation.

I believe most of us are fair minded. Yes, we have our opinions, and certainly don’t always agree, but most of us are fair.

I urge you to encourage Senator McCain to accept the nomination and not to concede.

I urge those of you who witnessed the disrespect the press showed toward Senator Clinton to join in to preserve our right to vote for the candidate of our choice and not the one chosen by the mainstream media.

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