US headed for economic crash |

US headed for economic crash

Mary Jane
Santa Barbara, Calif.

Yes, folks, the United States of America is heading for a complete and total economic crash. Actually, the crash will be global, yet the almighty dollar is sure to bear the brunt of it. The American dollar is not worth the paper its not printed on. You can actually use it as toilet paper, its so worthless!

After reading your paper, I’m absolutely appalled at all the little concerts, meetings, sales and trivial pursuits most of your readers are engaged in. All of this will be swept away forever when the great crash comes. Beliefs and value systems will be radically changed as you begin to desperately search for the gas, food and necessities you so now easily enjoy.

Yes, my fellow Americans, the country you and i have known will soon be no more. The United States of America will utterly cease to exist in the very near future.

An engineered war in the Middle East will provide the necessary cover for the global economic crash that I predict will occur this fall/winter at the earliest. If we’re lucky, it might even be delayed till spring 2013. Yet, its coming, irregardless, so get ready for it.

All the checkpoints and surveillance cameras everywhere are for you, the American people, to control you once America fully implodes, since riots and gunfights are sure to break out everywhere. (People do desperate things when they are hungry). Many of you will be shot and killed. Many of you will be thown into military run FEMA camps. So goes the ‘re-booting” of what was once America.

At this point, all I can recommend is for you to store food (bulk and canned), get armed if you want to defend yourself against the Mad Max-type renegades that will be roaming the streets, and secure for yourselves a clean water source – water filters and wells. The human body can’t go without water for more than three days. You can go without food for up to three weeks, so water is No. 1 priority.

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Everything you have ever known and believed in is coming to a quick and utterly complete end folks. Sorry to be the messenger of doom, but this American folly must come to and end.