USA Pro challenge cancels this year’s Colo. bike race |

USA Pro challenge cancels this year’s Colo. bike race

Jason Blevins
The Denver Post
DENVER, CO - AUGUST 23: BMC Racing Rohan Dennis, in yellow leader jersey, celebrates winning the 2015 USA Pro Challenge on the podium by pouring beer over the head of his teammate Brent Bookwalter, left in Denver, Colorado on August 23, 2015. Bookwalter, left, took second and Rob Britton, SSC, right, took third.

DENVER — The USA Pro Challenge has canceled this year’s bike race and hopes to return next year with new sponsors.

Supporters have been looking for new sponsors after the bike race’s main backers stepped aside last year.

Richard and Rick Schaden had been financing the race with their own money. They spent about $20 million to fund the race through its first five years.

The Pro Challenge has become a major biking event in Colorado, with hundreds of thousands of people lining the race routes across the state.

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