USDA undersecretary says internet, energy key to rural areas |

USDA undersecretary says internet, energy key to rural areas


LAMAR – Agricultural communities will play a key role in helping the United States become less dependent on foreign energy sources, Colorado Sen. Ken Salazar said Friday.Salazar and United States Department of Agriculture Undersecretary Thomas C. Dorr met with residents in Lamar and Fort Morgan Friday to discuss major issues surrounding rural communities and development.Salazar said the country’s dependence on foreign oil – mostly from the Middle East – connects its well-being to an unstable area of the world. The Democrat believes agriculture will lead the move toward renewable energy sources, such as ethanol, bio-diesel and wind energy.All have great potential for development in the lower Arkansas River valley, he said.Dorr referred to the USDA as “the venture capital bank for rural America” that can help create opportunities. He agreed rural communities should take advantage of the growing need for renewable energy.”Energy is the hot new cash crop in America,” he said.Dorr told the Lamar Daily News that the area’s clean air, quiet surroundings, lower cost of living and low crime rate makes it a good area for development.

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