Uses of proposed freestyle center don’t fit the neighborhood in Keystone |

Uses of proposed freestyle center don’t fit the neighborhood in Keystone

I feel a number of issues should be addressed before the Keystone zoning change is approved by the county commissioners for the Landon Sawyer Freestyle Training Center.

When something as important as a major planned unit development (PUD) change is proposed, it should get careful consideration. If it is rushed through too quickly, there may be unnoticed repercussions that will haunt Summit County for many years to come.

Why have zoning, if it can be changed almost instantly without consideration for the surrounding property whenever a deep-pocketed landowner-developer requests it?

This new zoning will allow for skateboard parks, BM tracks and large tents to accommodate unspecified “events” aimed at attracting teenagers. These uses truly do not fit the location.

What about the rights of the neighboring landowners? Should they receive compensation for the loss of the tranquil neighborhood they bought into?

Why can’t other locations be investigated? Why not use part of the Mountain House West Parking area? This would be close to on-hill facilities, much more visible and accessible and in a more commercial area. It would also have space around it to better accommodate special events.

Why not investigate possible recreational uses for the tennis center that are more compatible with the location?

The elite training center is a great idea and may need to be accommodated at the tennis center location. However, if the zoning is changed to allow all the other uses in addition to the training center and there is only a verbal promise for compromise, there is a very good chance that this land will be used in ways that were not envisioned.

While many feel that the training center is a wonderful idea, about the only justification for the other elements seems to be that they will help draw teenagers to the center. If this is truly an “elite” training center, it will not need BM tracks to attract customers.

A really great idea can stand being thoroughly investigated. It will be very difficult at the next level to deny uses that have been carelessly specified in a zoning change that was rushed through.

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