Vail hospital improvements were needed |

Vail hospital improvements were needed

DIEGO ANDRACA, Silverthorne

Re: Report: Vail Valley hospital needs to improve (SDN, Feb. 20)I agree with the new record keeping system in the Vail Valley Medical Center. Before this, the hospital had some trouble with the medical records of some patients. It was a good use of there money and it will help the doctors and even the patients keep track of their medical records. Before I read this article, I had no idea that there was even a electronic system that did this. I always thought all records have to be in a filing cabinet. As long as the Vail hospital stays operational, $10 million was well worth it. This electronic system evens allows the doctors to see their patients medical records at home.My opinion on this new system is that the patients of Vail Valley Medical Center will really appreciate this.

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