Vail Resorts, don’t ruin Breckenridge by touting ruinous lifestyle |

Vail Resorts, don’t ruin Breckenridge by touting ruinous lifestyle

Hey, Vail Resorts: Don’t ruin our town.

The “bitch” ad is disgusting, degrading, humiliating and potentially harmful to the hundreds of decent local Breckenridge residents.

No wonder Generation Y (it appears to stand for “why am I here”) kids are so screwed up. You don’t need to have great intellect in understanding the ad’s promise of underage drinking, available local drugs and promiscuous sex parties.

Breckenridge Ski Resort has decided to promote a destructive lifestyle instead of winter sports to attract young people to come to Breckenridge. By its actions, it has aided and abetted the moral decay that has already infected our country in a perverse way. These things partially answer the question why so many people around the world seem to hate Americans these days.

Notwithstanding the ineptness and lack of leadership already demonstrated by some of our town officials, the vast majority of Breck locals disapprove vehemently of these shenanigans and we should all be up in arms.

Local Breckenridge society and our economy is as much about parents, teachers, merchants, restaurateurs, community volunteers, retirees, Realtors, electricians, plumbers, carpenters and people moving here from all over the country as it is the ski industry.

If our town becomes overrun with wild kids doing illegal things it negatively affects our quality of life, and our economy.

Fellow citizens, don’t let this happen – stand up and fight for what we deserve.

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