Vail to ask builders for fewer homes |

Vail to ask builders for fewer homes

EDWARD STONEReagle county correspondentVail, Colorado, CO

VAIL Following an outcry from home builders, the town of Vail has offered a new proposal for employee-housing rules that would put less of a burden on developers.In the previous proposal, 30 percent of new homes had to be affordable housing using a method called “inclusionary zoning.”Under the new concept, 10 percent of homes would have to be affordable, and that would only apply to certain areas in town that allow for taller, denser condominium projects. Commercial projects in those areas would also have to build housing for 20 percent of the jobs they create.Single-family homes, duplexes and other smaller developments would have to compensate for 100 percent of the jobs they create. That significantly reduces the burden placed on builders of single-family homes.The town council will review the new proposal Tuesday afternoon. There will be no public comment then.’Right direction'”On first glance, it appears that staff is listening and moving in the right direction,” said Dominic Mauriello, a planner for several developers in Vail.Mauriello said he’s still concerned that developers of large projects are being asked to build housing for more jobs than they are creating.Greg Cummings, who builds single-family homes in Vail, said the new proposal is more reasonable. But the town doesn’t have a clear picture of how much and what kind of housing Vail needs and how much it will cost, he said.”Until they have all the information, it’s a bit premature,” Cummings said.The new plan will still allow the town to house 30 percent of the new jobs that are created in town, said Nina Timm, Vail’s housing director.Under the old plan, the town would have been housing 60 percent of the new jobs created, Timm said.Big buildings plannedThe inclusionary zoning and commercial linkage rules would apply to West Lionshead, West Vail and Vail Village, where there are big new developments planned.Right now, 30 percent of Vail’s workers live in town. Vail officials want to keep that amount of workers living here.New development is creating lots of new jobs in Vail. Buildings that are already planned will create 1,400 jobs, officials say. And more jobs are being created in Avon, Edwards and other downvalley towns.At the same time, non-deed-restricted homes are being bought up by second-home owners and other people who are not part of the local workforce.Housing requirementsIf building a 6,000 square-foot-home:First proposal: 30 percent inclusionary zoning. Build 2,000 square feet in affordable housing on site or pay $630,000 in fees.New proposal: 100 percent residential linkage. Pay $35,700 to compensate for 0.2 employees created.

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