Vicki Cook: Adoption a better path |

Vicki Cook: Adoption a better path

Vicki Cook
Silverthorne, CO Colorado

I get tired of people speaking out of both sides of their mouth. Ms. Flaherty (Letters, SDN, Jan.29) said that abortion is legal and because it is legal we should send our tax dollars to other countries and kill their babies. That’s real generous of us.

I’ll bet Ms Flaherty is also a war hater. I’ll bet she says something like this “No more war, bring our young people home, stop the killing.”

What is the difference here?

1) Babies ” no matter where they are born ” have a right to breath and life. That is a-God given right, and man or woman should never mess wth God-given rights.

2) Babies are defenseless. The Freedom of Choice Act is heartless, cold, barbaric. Your tax dollars are being funneled into different organizations under unassuming names for this “cause.”

3) War, no matter where it is, is sad and ugly. Our military have guns, tanks, air support and each other. They have someone back home that loves them.

I agree with R.A. Geise: The Holocaust killed many innocent people, simply because they had different beliefs from Hitler. They were not wanted.

Aborted babies are not wanted. There are other ways to do “birth control,” and adoption is a wonderful way to put “unwanted” into a loving wanted home.

Abortion, adoption ” -one kills and one gives life.

I don’t like MY tax dollars paying for this kind of innocent murder.

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