Vicki Cook: Know your history |

Vicki Cook: Know your history

Vicki Cook

In 1421 China had a huge fleet of 3,500 ships. Some of these ship set sail for the coast of Africa and beyond. After 2-1/2 years they returned with the mapping of the west coast of Africa and a few islands. Later in history Columbus acquired the map of the Caribbean Islands.

So why didn’t China continue to explore their discoveries? They had the technology, vision, manpower etc. After Emperor Zhu Di died, the following leaders made it a crime to own or build ships, and they destroyed what they had. Unbelievable!

England and Europe at this time were in the Dark Ages. King Henry V had a library of six handwritten books, and China had 4,000 volumes. Columbus began a 7-1/2 year quest to find a sponsor for his trip to discover the New Worlds. He approached Castile, Portugal, England, back to Castile, King Charles VIII of France, and back to Castile. He was deigned and he was leaving for France when he was called back to Castile (Spain). Columbus was in his 11th hour, but in August 1492 he left to find New Worlds and fulfill his dream.

After three months on the ocean the crew had enough and they were ready to kill Columbus. So he changed his course and within three days he found land and again was in his 11th hour.

What if China had not made an inward turn?

What if Europe was taken over by Islamic rule?

What if Spain had not funded Columbus, and France or England did?

Columbus was not a perfect man, but then none of us are, he did have the courage to follow his dream. That was the start of America, and for over 200+ years it has been a force for stability and a beacon of hope for liberty and dreams.

Americans learn your history and love the people who fought and died for it. We are a mix of cultures, but America does have its own identity – love it, accept it and protect it. Keep your customs but don’t change what America really is, a place to follow your dreams.

Info from “Seven Miracles That Saved America” By Ted and Chris Stewart.

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