VIDEO: Mountain lion sightings in Eagle-Vail |

VIDEO: Mountain lion sightings in Eagle-Vail

Ross Leonhart / Vail Daily

It’s sometimes easy to forget just how close to nature we live here in the Vail Valley.

Recently, Eagle-Vail resident Buz Didier has been getting visits from a mountain lion on his back deck — and he’s got the proof, thanks to his Moultrie Game Camera. 

“They come and they go,” said Didier, who lives on Eaglebend Road.

Didier says he usually sees them a few times per year, but recently he’s noticed an uptick in visits.

He’s seen this mountain lion four times in the past two weeks, he said.

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He says they typically come into the area to feast on the raccoon population, and then they leave for a few months before returning to a new crop of raccoons.

Over the years he watched one mountain lion grow from 100 pounds to 150 pounds to 200 pounds before it was hit by a car at Dowd Junction.

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