Vincent Capozzella: Guns kill |

Vincent Capozzella: Guns kill

Vincent Capozzella

Yes, the men with the gun is the killer, but let’s be honest and admit the NRA, the politicians and the courts hold some responsibility for every mass killing by a nut with an assault weapon. Conservatives fight every attempt to limit the sale and ownership of assault weapons, even though most have never held, shot or owned one of these type weapons. Assault weapons such as AK-47s are made to kill people, but while few people have the desire to kill other humans, some fight with all their power and money to allow anyone to own these weapons.

I recently again heard the standard argument that “guns don’t kill, people kill,” and therefore outlawing assault weapons was not an effective means to stop senseless killing. Well, I’d rather see a nut with a handgun than a 50-60 (extended clip) assault weapon with much greater penetration and killing power. Would that gunman in the movie theater have killed and wounded as many people if he only had a handgun or rifle? True, he still would have killed people, but the total would have been far less. OK, go ahead NRA and assault-gun supporters and make your argument that there is no difference between three dead and 12 dead.

Two famous weapons in American history used by killers of other humans have been the Thompson submachine gun and the AK-47. The Thompson was used by the likes of Al Capone and John Dillinger and was outlawed for common ownership by our government before the NRA became rich and strong enough to buy our lawmakers.

The NRA is a disgrace! It spends billions of dollars buying almost all politicians to allow every conceivable weapon available for ownership. It defends this position based upon the Constitution and the right of Americans to hunt. Both of these positions are total bull. The 2nd Amendment does not say Americans have the right to own and carry any weapon they want. What it does say: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” If you read this Amendment honestly, it concerns a militia – or, in modern times, a national guard. When the Constitution was written, our Founding Fathers never dreamed the United States would have or want a large standing army and therefore would need a militia with their own weapons for national security. The NRA has convinced many to ignore the militia requirement and that our Founding Fathers had no objections with us owning every type of gun.

The second misconception is that we need these weapons for hunting. I have hunted all my life and have been happy with either a shotgun for small game or a rifle for big game. No true hunter uses an AK-47 for hunting and certainly would have no need for a 60-round extended clip unless you’re hunting “varmints.”

Our politicians and courts have ruled that we can legally carry weapons in national parks, college campuses, movie theaters, office buildings, streets, near schools, churches, restaurants and bars. You can openly carry these weapons almost anywhere in our country with the exception of only three locations. With concern over children, no guns in grammar and high schools and you can’t carry them into courtrooms – especially the US Supreme Court – and you can’t carry them into government buildings especially where our lawmakers work. Our judges and law makers aren’t crazy. They realize to work in an area where nuts are walking around with handguns and assault weapons is not conducive to longevity. The rest of us can be around these weapons, since it is obvious our lives are not as valuable as a judge or politician.

Imagine 100 people walking around the streets of Breckenridge and Frisco or any American city with a gun on their hip or an AK-47 over their shoulder. That would scare the normal person. Yet the law says these weapons are legal, and carrying them out in the open (not concealed) is legal. What would the Supreme Court justices and lawmakers do if every time they went shopping, went out to dinner or watched a movie, a person was near them carrying an assault weapon? I believe the laws would change and make it safer to go to a movie.

Vincent Capozzella lives in Breckenridge.

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