Vincent Capozzella: Hate is still hate |

Vincent Capozzella: Hate is still hate

Vincent Capozzella

I recently sent in an opinion deploring the increase of hate in America and especially in politics and some religious zealots. The article encouraged John Longcamp to respond that when we express opinions contrary to another opinion, it is acceptable to hate. The example was the Chick-fil-A owner who expressed his hatred against gays by denying them use of his facility. While I don’t deny the owner’s right to do what he did, he did it because of his hatred against gays. According to Longcamp, his hatred was OK. Fine, the owner hates, which merely confirms my original argument about the increase in hatred in our country.

Let’s be totally honest: Everyone is prejudiced. If you can’t admit you’re prejudiced, you’re in denial. Some are prejudiced against gays, the rich, the poor, the successful, failures, ugly people, beautiful people, the obese, blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, and just about everything on this planet. Look at the prejudice against Obama. Sure the opposition is merely expressing their opinion, but in my eyes, it is hatred. They say he’s a communist, a socialist, a Muslim, un-American, un-patriotic, a foreigner (born in Kenya), and a bad family man. Oh yes, he’s also black – or at least half black – but that’s not the reason many on the right oppose him. Wink! Wink!

As for those hypocrites who profess to be born-again Christians or evangelicals: Can all of them truly say they love gays, women who have had abortions, Muslims, atheists, and people, like me, who doubt they are closer to the Almighty than anyone else? I keep reminding them that Jesus said “to love thine enemy” and that it is easy to “love thy neighbor.” At least they love each other.

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