Vote for experience, vote for Phibbs the man Morales wanted for sheriff |

Vote for experience, vote for Phibbs the man Morales wanted for sheriff

Brian Greenberg Dillon

The current sheriff’s race has all the regalia of the gun-slinging days of the Old West.We have a Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) that believes it is beyond reproach and has the right to place its personal agenda upon the people of this county. This was made quite obvious by its blatant opposition to the previous sheriff, Joe Morales, after he recommended the appointment of Mike Phibbs, a nine-year veteran of the Sheriff’s Office, to replace him.I have yet to meet anyone who does not hold Joe’s opinions on law enforcement in the highest regard. Yet the BOCC appointed another candidate with lesser experience, lesser education, a lesser track record and almost no prior experience in the Sheriff’s Office.It is not the Phibbs firing or the unsubstantiated rumors about him that should be questioned. It is the appointment of Minor by the BOCC that should be held up to scrutiny.The town of Silverthorne listed an impressive set of qualifications for the police chief vacancy.I would like to see the qualifications used by the BOCC for the sheriff’s position. The only public statement I have seen is that Minor “would best serve the needs and values of the people.” To make a decision based on this type of political rhetoric is not in the best interests of the people of Summit County. Now we have the Frisco couple detained with handcuffs and humiliated at a well-known restaurant while the front door of their home is broken down and their home is ransacked by the Summit County Drug Task Force.No drugs were found, according to the reports, and I have yet to read about a public apology being made to this couple by the sheriff.Where is the public accountability to these citizens for the sheriff’s actions? The accountability for this flawed attack on the private lives of these citizens rests squarely on the shoulders of the sheriff.It is difficult to believe that Minor feels any true regret in this matter when he waits for someone to call him so that he can apologize.Quotes such as,”If people don’t like what happened here, they can vote that way,” are a pretty good indicator that we can expect a lot more of this type of behavior in the future.Phibbs has now come forward regarding the reason for his termination. He actually had the nerve to talk to his fellow employees about the idea of approaching elected officials about a decision they did not understand or with which they did not agree. Minor’s quote, “I waited nine days to see if he would apologize and then I fired him,” says it all.Phibbs did not do anything illegal, he did not violate any kind of department regulation which Minor could not get over, but he did participate in conversations on a topic which upset Minor. Why should Phibbs have to apologize for discussing politics? Whose job is next? Whose door is next? Whose home is next? Whose business is next? The more I have researched this sheriff’s race, it has become obvious that there is more at stake here than just the sheriff’s position – it is the livelihood and the welfare of every citizen and business owner who calls Summit County their home.If you want to continue living the quality of life which Summit County has provided you the last nine years, then do something about it by supporting the man who has helped provide you with this quality of life during his previous nine-year tenure in the Sheriff’s Office under the tutelage of Joe Morales

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