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Vote for Frisco’s future

Brad ThompsonFrisco

The town of Frisco has a great opportunity to have an outstanding national company move in to town and add a great asset to Frisco. Unfortunately, there is a great deal of misinformation being spread around by two separate groups. Citizens Against Home Depot (CAHD) states that it is bad economics; there is not a bad time for any town to take the opportunity to increase its sales tax base especially when they are solely dependent on sales tax. They claim it will hurt local businesses, even if half of the businesses go out the tax generated by Home Depot will more than make up what all of them add to the tax coffers now.They talk about extra town services that will be required; I have yet been able to figure out what kind of services they are talking about. CAHD claims Home Depot is incompatible with Frisco, the location it will be built will not alter the character of Frisco any more than the two large motels, one large condo, a big box Safeway, a strip mall and a big box Wal-Mart all within our front door to town. They claim that traffic will increase; the traffic in Frisco also increased when all of the people against this moved in and when any new business moves in. CAHD says Frisco can do better the only problem with that they seam to be leaving out the most important part of that statement: What can Frisco do better with?The local alliance of Frisco business are now claiming that this might have effects regarding TABOR, I find it amazing that any Frisco business owner would be against increasing the towns tax base. This will allow the town to continue to provide all of the daily functions that they are all accustomed to. The only one that does not surprise me is Don Sather, who claims to be looking out for Frisco while, in reality, he is looking out for his lumber yard business in Silverthorne. We have a great opportunity to be able to buy most home improvement items without having to drive 30 to 60 miles wasting gas and creating more air pollution and not have to pay twice as much if you buy it locally. Unfortunately the majority of the people against Home Depot did not live in Frisco when it was a unique mountain town; they all waited too long and are now trying to save something that is long gone. Please vote “Yes” Dec. 13 and keep Frisco moving in the right direction – forward.

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