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Vote for Hillary

Corina AragonDillon

Hillary Clinton is the most qualified of all the candidates running for president of the United States. She is not only the best qualified, but she is tough and a no nonsense woman. It will be decades before another woman running for president will be as qualified as Hillary Clinton. How refreshing it would be to have a woman in the oval office who is truly concerned about our country. The different perspective she would bring on how to run the country, and the experience and background that she has, would bring about the change we all say we need and want. Hillary is well-known and respected throughout the world by association with her husband, the ex-president of the United States. Listen to what she has to say. Her priority is bringing the troops home, universal healthcare, specific on how she will tackle global warming, and re-establishing world relationships that have been lost by this administration, just to name a few. To not vote for her because she is a woman or because she has stayed married to her husband (as I have heard some people say) would be a disservice to our country. Attend your precinct caucus on Tuesday and vote for Hillary Clinton.