Vote for Will Shafroth |

Vote for Will Shafroth

John Fielder

If we are in agreement that the Earth is warming, that we are the culprits, and that the fate of our planet is uncertain, then we must carefully choose our next leader in Congress in the Aug. 12 Democratic primary for Colorado’s 2nd Congressional District. If, in fact, the Earth is warming at the rate that experts claim, then all of the major issues of our time ” environmental protection, healthcare, education, and the economy ” will depend upon our decision.

The leader we send to Washington must resist special interests and political distractions in order to get this monumental job underway. He or she must be visionary and possess collaborative leadership skills to create the pivotal change that will reverse the rapid degradation of our planet in the short window of time that still exists. I believe there is only one candidate who will be a strong leader on this front, who will prioritize the immediate and urgent attention to global warming above all else. That candidate is Will Shafroth.

Though all of the candidates tout being environmentalists, only Shafroth who has the proven work credentials as a conservationist who can get things done. We simply can’t afford to put our planet’s future in the hands of anyone who does not possess impeccable integrity concerning this critical issue. We are at a crossroads in human history like never before and Will Shafroth, in my opinion, is the only candidate that understands this.

He is an unwavering environmental champion who will not compromise the fate of the planet, who will not veer from an honest, clear, and urgent call to address global warming as the detriment it will be to preserving biodiversity, human health and welfare, and a strong economy. To this end, Shafroth is running for Congress with the priority of setting us on an immediate course to ground our nation and planet in an energy future that embraces conservation, sustainability, and an appropriately speedy transition into renewable sources. I urge you to cast your vote on Aug. 12 for Will Shafroth.

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